No Knockout Bar on Thralls

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]

I have started a new singleplayer/co-op with a friend. Everything was alright. And I’ve been tweaking some of the server settings as I’ve been playing to get the balance right for the game. Finally found a balance and have built a nice little home on a little island near the dregs. After building and gaining a load of materials I finally built a lesser wheel of pain and went out to find some thralls. Only to find out they will not get knocked down and their knock down bar isn’t showing at all. Is there any quick way of fixing this as I have looked through the settings and can’t seem to find anything helpful. I have already recently had to start a new game from a previous bug on a co-op game which I spent a very long time on. Just really hoping I dont have to start again, again.

Thanks in advance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @MrBod, could you please share which weapon(s) you’ve tried to use to knock out the thralls and whether they had any modifications?

If you do happen to have a second controller connected to your console, could you try disconnecting it and ensuring you’re only using one controller before starting your session?

I tried using the first truncheon and that didn’t work, this was against a named npc with 1 skull so I thought maybe it was because they had a skull, so I went and tried some normal npcs which was an armorer lvl 1 and the other with a fighter 1, still no bar. I then changed to the iron truncheon and repeated the process between the npcs and still no bar.

There was only 1 controller used at the time and there are no mods as I’m hosting. I tried logging in and out and that didnt work. I will see if it is the same when I reload today.

Still no knock out bar after reloading so really confused at what has happened =/

I am getting a bar but won’t show what they are until they are knocked out. As in fighter archer’s level. Happened at scoundrel refuge last night. Will check other places later ps4 private server.

@Hugo same thing occurred with my wife.

@MrBod Thank you for the details, we’ll register the issue for the team to look into.
Did you also try to knockout a low tier thrall even though the bar doesn’t show up, as sestus2009 has mentioned it could be possible to achieve?

@sestus2009 Thank you for pitching in!

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Yeah I tried anyway to see if it would knock them out but it wouldn’t, they just eventually died. I waited for their health to regenerate to full as well during battle, as I would with the bar being there, but still nothing.

Since you’re on a single-player/co-op instance, try spawning a thrall that is already broken.

Give that thrall the knockout stick. See if the thrall kills the NPC or knocks them out. Be aware your thrall still might kill the NPC if they are very low level.

Sometimes their ability to attack is bugged, have them fight something to make sure they are working properly

If you already have a broken thrall, use that instead.


Thanks I will give this a try and see what happens

Sadly didn’t work =( was worth a try though, tried a couple of npcs using a thrall with a truncheon but they all eventually died rather than getting knocked out.

Sorry to hear, have you tried to see if you can knocked out thralls on an official server? I would suggest a PVE server for testing. It takes away element of getting randomly murdered while testing :slight_smile:

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Have you tried setting your server’s admin settings to default, restarting the session and trying to knockout a thrall again?

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