No knock out bar for thralls

Game mode:[Singleplayer & Co-op]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Here]

Have searched but found no concrete fix for this.
My friends and I cannot knock out thralls to capture. The ‘grey bar’ that supposedly is meant to show when hit with the truncheon does not appear. Tried on 5 thralls who after a few minutes each were just beaten to death.
Tried resetting the settings an reloading but no joy.
Can anyone help, love this game but not being able to capture thralls is a big hit for this.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Is it any thrall, or a specific thrall? I know, obvious question.

Hey there @Bradhammer33.

Welcome to our community.
Does this happen with any thrall or do those thralls have any skulls or yellow outline around their health bar?
Also remember that some thralls are non knockable as they are part of the story.
Thanks for your feedback.

Hey speedice, thanks for your time.
Its just random thralls, no names just the random ones that spawn around the fires in the starting area.

Hi Ignaisis, thank you for the welcome.
No there are no special features such as skulls or anything, they are just the nameless thralls in the starting areas. Few of them named after what they do like smelter, fighter etc.

Hey again @Bradhammer33

Just one more question: are you playing in coop mode or in a dedicated server?

We have been playing in coop

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Thanks for the confirmation. We’ve received a few reports about this in the past. Will send note to our team about this issue and let them know it’s still happening.

Just want to add that i too have the same issue. Fix your game please, the amount of problems is getting pretty ridiculous. Already uninstalled it since it has been a giant waste of time. Playing, gathering, building etc only to find out that a core mechanic doesn’t work. Have you no shame?

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