No knock out bar for thralls on PS4 still. In Co-op mode

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I have tried everything in there are no knockout bars for the thralls when I play the Conan exiles co-op or offline version. I bought the game for this specific reason. I saw on article in the forum about this that was dated back in April. Is there anything that will help me fix the problem or have they been working on it or what? If anything please let me know as I would like to play the game comfortably.

A few weeks ago my wife and I had that problem last couple times it worked properly. Reach out to @Hugo when he gets back from Vacation. Good luck Friend.

Hello @Breedi76, welcome to the forums!

Did the issue occur and persist even since you’ve started your singleplayer game, or were they visible at some point?

Even though the bar doesn’t show, are you still able to knock them out if you keep hitting them with a truncheon?

Did you try toggling the Show Name Plates setting off, restarting the game, then toggling it on again?

If the above does not work, please try setting your server’s admin settings to default and restarting the session.


Ok so me and my friends just rented a server and we r having the same issue but it is random named and unnamed no skull thralls and no much and all it does it kills them

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