Whats up with capturing Thralls now?

Thralls won’t knockout anymore…anybody know how to fix this or what the problem is? I’ve tried everything i can think of including restarting my server , resetting stats(lowering strength) etc. The just die and wont knockout at all no matter what level thrall it is.

I know this is a bit like asking if your device is plugged into the wall socket, but…are you sure you’re hitting them with a truncheon?

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That …
and since he reset the stats, double check the unconscious damage multiplier for thralls. Make sure it’s set to 1.0

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yeah I am using the steel truncheon…but I even remade the original one and tried it too…with the same result it won’t knock them out at all just kills them

that did it…it was set to zero. didn’t even notice…thanks Vahlok

You’re welcome.
I was plagued with the same issue for the longest time, then realized where I messed up when I was changing parameter settings for my server when someone pointed out that little tidbit.

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