Cant knockout Thralls

So I’m completely unable to knockout Thralls. There is just no knockout bar no matter what stun weapon I hit them with I’ve tried them all and with different blunt add-ons to increase concussive damage and still no bar and they always die no matter their level or the tool I’m using. I’ve tried maxing authority with the same testing and still not possible. My server is a Gportal server with default settings across the board.

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I am guessing you are playing a offline solo game. We had this problem years ago on our server ps4. Have seen others with it. If you are not playing with a mod that is causing it it is in your settings not in game now so I can not look up witch one put setting back to default verify u can knock out npcs and slowly change your to your preferred settings. @Arisu you will be able to fix your problem let me know how it turns out mention the setting it will help others.

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