Can't Knockout Thralls PS4

Im in Single Player on PS4 and I can not knock of thralls. The white bar above their head never pops up and hitting them over and over doesn’t do anything.

What type of thrall you hitting? All of them do this?

On default setting, with starter club (no 1st str perk and Blunt tool) It takes quite a few hits.

there certain thralls, Like named relic hunters that can’t be knocked out. Few npc that talk that wont get knocked out(if they do, can’t be nabbed)

tier 3 and 4, (named) take a insane beating with out good tools.

If your in single player, Nab yourself High grade Truncheon, nab a Advanced Blunt fitting, and slap that on there and give it a try.

Yeah I gave myself the Steel Truncheon and went to 3 different camps in the beginning area all enemies we level 1 not one had any white bars nor could they be knock out no matter how many times I hit them. I have looked up this issue and other ppl have had it but no one had any solutions except restart game and start from scratch

if logging out and back in doesn’t fix it.

I’ve had “shelter” turn off, even in my home and caves, Simply logging out and back in fixes it.
If that doesnt work. What setting did you mess with when setting up server setting?

Could be something simple you unchecked,

Yeah resetting doesnt work and I messed with almost all of the settings but none of them seem to be related to enemies or thralls

It could be damage settings, I tend run Player Damage 2.0, rest on default for damage, so don’t have issue outside Bows with Blunt fitting do to much damage. XD

If you changed alot of setting, I wanna assume that it. (from what I pulled up thru google search, most with issue edited most of setting)

I just reset all settings and closed and relaunched game and that fixed it I guess I will have to change everything individually then check to see if I can still knockout thralls.

Most of setting arent to bad on default custom.

I knock player dam to 2.0 (I use bows mostly)
Food and thirst to 0.7 (You eat about twice a day)
Afk Food and thirst to 0.1, Cause I afk to much…

Day length to 0.7,
day cycle to 0.7 (so dawn and dusk don’t near instant flip)

Fuel Burn to 2.0 (cause mirco manage sucks…)

One of events gave out Star metal axes and picks, So I gave myself one each, (instead of increased harvest)

Disable Abandonment (check it) So you don’t need visit stuff.

Player Damage on friendly targets and objects to 0.1 (cause kicking or punch a cup in 1 hit…sucks) or killing thrall, lol.

Turn feeding off.

Land Claim to .33 (about 3 1/2 foundations away stuff goes poof)

Purge, I dont change to much, outside making time window, set it to 100k and 10mins (takes 5-6 days)
Done really well on that. Keeps the Survive aspects, but cuts mirco managing of food and thirst.

Thanks for all the help and tips

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