Knocking Out thralls unable

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

I am unable to knock out thralls with any truncheon or anything with a blunt fitting since the most recent update

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip Truncheon
  2. Smack Thrall
  3. Kill Thrall with Truncheon :confused:

Are you playing on an official server?

no its on a server i host from gportal on ps4 and its only been doing this since the servers came back up after the update

Probably have a damage setting on the server that is not right. I think @sestus2009 hosts a server and might be more help getting it set back properly.

i havent changed the settings since i got the server and it worked before the update

I recommending because every time someone says they are killing NPCs before knocking out with the equipment you said you were using it has boiled down to the settings on the server being incorrect. I don’t know what setting because each instance I’ve read about they reset to default and it fixed it.

ill have to try that when i get a chance to but i know the only setting i have thats not default that deals with Damage is player damage is set to 2 but npc damage taken is still on 1

@CarverUpqik great name by the way. If you are doing double damage that could lead to thralls death possibly. Predatory blade with blunt weapon fitting works well R2 them unconscious. When you see there health dropping let a thrall finish them. Plenty of times settings I have made on gportal site caused one to change I didn’t touch. Gportal site isn’t user friendly
Good luck. Let me know how it works.

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I have noticed we are doing more damage to thralls now than before update
. Sorry not awake yet.

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ok so i reset all settings to default and reset the server and i still do 0 torpor damage to thralls same with a follower, also my friend couldnt do any torpor either

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