Thrall Capturing

Can we please fix capturing thralls? These “blunted” weapons kill them instead of knocking them out.

-strength gear
-points in strength
-ridiculously absurd server settings

Pretty sad when i can get a T1 thrall easy but a volcano “Crom Destroyer of Worlds” is killed by a low level blunted truncheon.

Hey @Apol

Could you let us know a few details before we can relay this to our team?
Is this happening in an official server or in single-player/coop? When you mention that you kill the thralls, is this with every T4 thrall, or just one in specific?
Thanks in advance.

Single player offline.

Just about every T4…UNLESS I somehow magically come across a super unique blunt truncheon or I reach a high enough level to craft the blunted fittings that increase the blunt damage.

I have killed so many named thralls its not funny.


Dont know if its intentional but any low level truncheon is highly unreliable for knocking out t4s… especially if you do not have the first perk in strength… you will almost always kill them before knocking them out… if you can work with the combo a reliable low level knock out tool would be a blunted javelin(hit with the right bumper, dont use your trigger you will throw it)… other than that you will need atleast a steel truncheon with the 1st perk in strength… and yes… blunted weapon fittings are still recommended(they cant be put on the javelin so you wont have that issue)

You can also try getting the truncheon from the first 1 skull npc in the wine cellar dungeon in sepermeru, or a love tap from a skeleton box

Hope this helps


Use better steel truncheon with fitting. I have also run into thralls damage taken being to high

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Thanks for the additional information. That’ll help us better pinpoint this problem. We’ve sent it to our team so we can look into it. :slight_smile:


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