Anything other than truncheon to capture thralls?

Are there other weapons than the truncheon to capture with? my truncheon is so weak now and it is getting harder to capture the higher level thralls. what other weapons, if any, can be used to capture thralls?

ehhh they have a blunted arrow and javelin, but i tried to use the arrows with a lower tier bow and it did a ton of physical and not concussive damage. Supposedly for a while the blunted javelin did do an over estimated amount of concussive, not sure if fixed.

You have to get away from the leather sap and move up to Iron Country. The Iron truncheon plus blunted weapon kit will down a T3 in 3-4 pops. Made at Torturer’s bench, which becomes hand-craftable after you acquire the Wheel of Pain (T2) feat.


Are you using the regular truncheon?
There is an iron version of it and it works well enough for me.

good point I need to try to upgrade to the steel one myself, but 100% yes add the highest level blunted fitting you can get to whatever kind of trunch you use it is notable.

I think what happened with me on one occasion was a total freak accident.
I was rampaging through an enemy camp with an iron mace <-- IRON MACE … and shield …
wreaking havoc and then going back to loot.
I came across one of them who was unconscious.
Couldn’t loot the body until I killed it and I didn’t bring my bindings or my “Welcome to My World” truncheon.

nah man, you just made them faint from watching the massacre.

on a serious note hope that doesn’t some how happen to a player in pvp that would be awkward waiting 15 minutes to get up, but not sure consciousness works for players (doesn’t with a trunch…first thing I tried with it).

Blunted arrows and javelins, and there’s also a legendary mace called lovetap that does 1 damage. Put a blunted fitting on it and you’ll knock out named thralls in 2 hits


The problem on console, is that the attack is like a drunken wobble, you look like you’re going to fall over and you can barely connect because it takes like 2 whole seconds for it to even hit, and by that time they’ve already moved out of the way.

For any mace-wielding thrall (such as most artisans), just run up, kick and follow up with a three hit combo and then move out of the way. Repeat. They’ll go down fast and you’ll never get touched or miss a swing.

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