Conan Exiles PS4 truncheon kills thrall instead of knocking them out!

Hi everyone! Please help. We are all having problems with getting thrall. Thr truncheon kills them all the time. R1 and R2 seem to be the same spinning attack instead of R1 being a basic overhead hit. We cannot progress in the game until we capture thrall and ita not working!

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How much you have in strength? Characters with high level strength will kill instead “put to sleep”

not op but I have no points in strength, I’m level 30 with iron truncheon but I still cannot knock out a level 1 exile, each hit deals about 2-4% damage? to the blue bar but they constantly kill me while trying to knock them out. I’m playing singleplayer normal difficulty

Happens to me on xbox too

I’m having the same problem. I’m level 60 an haven’t been able to knock out any thrills with any sort of blunt weapon.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos of people capturing Thralls and that’s just not how it’s working for me. In the videos the truncheon only does KO damage and the thrall is knocked out. Mine only does actual damage and they die. And yes, it’s the truncheon that comes with the thrall feat and not some other weapon.

Ok u need to add 10 points in strength, second don’t runaway to far because knockout refill but not thier health. Plus the iron blunted javelin does 10 damage which will kill anything.

Plus try to upgrade and put blunt attachment to your trechun.

also there is a weapon upgrade you can apply to do extra concussive damage. make sure to put that on your truncheons, and not one that does extra normal damage.

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