Capture NOT Kill Part 2

Game mode: Offline Single
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

Thralls still getting killed from basic truncheon and blunted objects. See image. There is a health bar.

I never knew you could kill a thrall that has literally THOUSANDS of HP with a weapon that does 1 point of dmg.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find thrall you want
  2. Equip weakest knock out weapon that deals knock out dmg only
  3. Try to knock thrall out
  4. Thrall dies because apparently bludgeoning means primary health

well, let’s see did last patch contain any notes on truncheons?
so on what basis you report this as still like it was improperly fixed? nothing changed, it has been reported and starting numerous topics won’t speedup things

Hello @Apol, do you have a second controller connected or swapped the main controller during play?

If Enable Thrall Decay is disabled, could you please try enabling it and restart the session to see if the issue is resolved?