Capture, Not Kill

Game mode: single
Problem: who knows
Region: USA

Yet another one to add to the book. My strength is 2 and im killing named thralls with the basic truncheon. Low leveled thralls no problem. I hit, they get knocked out. Named are outright killed when i try to knock them out. Yes, ive tried nearly everything you can think of…waited for health to increase, use low strength, etc. they die. Ive killed countless named craftsman thralls.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Have you tried this one? You can craft that from level 21 on:

Hi @Apol, when this issue occurs, do they get killed in one hit and do they show their health bars?

What weapon are you switching from when equipping the truncheon?

Do you have a secondary controller connected or plugged into the console?

If you give the truncheon to a thrall, can it knock out other thralls?

Lastly, did you modify any game settings, including the damage multiplier?

Weapon switching from: iron mace I looted.

No secondary controller.

Damage multiplier stayed at 1.6, but that was never an issue. I also went, using the same mace, to the Ward Towers and literally two-shotted all thralls there with my mace. It usually takes much longer as they are heavily armored than the exiles or darfari. Somethings up with damage now too.

No Thrall accompanying.

Dang it. I know you guys get enough flak but cmon. Do people NOT do quality checks? Ill help out FOR FREE if needed.

This is an awesome game and I keep coming back after breaks, but these bugs make the game near unplayable.

Thank you, we’ll forward this information to our team so that they can look into the issue, apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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