Truncheon killing named thralls

Lately when I try and knock out tier 4 bench thralls it’s a gambit, sometimes it works fine and sometimes they die instead of going unconscious. 4 hits with a truncheon shouldn’t be killing a named armorer, right?

I play online, pve-c, private server

I have not experienced that lately, since I have all the crafting thralls I need, but can offer this as a temporary workaround.

Take the thrall down to half health, then kite them a while, or just get out of range. Return in a bit and you can see where health has risen much faster than the knockout bar. If it’s an important find, rinse and repeat. Eventually you will KO the target.

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Hey @Trishmariep

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Since you mention you play in a private server, are there any mods installed?
Also, did you invest points in strength and trying to capture low tier thralls?

Uhh… which weapon fitting are you using?

Never tried with non-blunt fittings on truncheon… possibly the issue is that?

Might be similar to High tier bow + blunt arrows killing npcs before the k.o.

What I sometimes see, is that after switching weapons on my thrall during a fight (truncheon instead of axe), the first couple of hits really do dmg.

Like the game/server didnt got it, that I changed the weapon for my thrall.

Never had this happen for me.

Also If you use a shield and make a combo, the shield-combo will make dmg!

I had a friend on my server recently who was having the opposite issue. His thrall was knocking out npcs while using a two handed hammer. Turns out he had put a concussion mod on it by mistake.

I found the situation hilarious.


Sharing this seems… fitting.


Consider this post a formal petition to rename the Chosen of Asura to Order of the Klonk.

(It’s not so formal that it warrants its own post)


I experienced that, too. And that is why I change from normal weapon to truncheon, put the truncheon back and draw it again before actually hitting anything with it. This way I always do concussion damage with the truncheon.

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