Can we fix the truncheons please? I’m tired of using these things to knock out thralls and ending up killing them. Used to be able to let the thrall go regen its health but now the knockout bar refills too. Why then would my truncheon get a named armorer to half the knock out bar and end up killing the poor thrall? Thrall lives matter to funcom

Update: i captured a t4 smelter. Then attempted a t4 armoree which died, and then captured a t1 fighter. I’m on newb river finding these thralls and these results show nothing but pure imbalance.

Hey my friend what type of truncheon are you using? I haven’t gone after thralls after update I did see on of the new attributes does alot more knock out. Let me know

Authority boosts concussive damage. You can also get boosts from certain armors, food, and potions. Try actually building for thralling before going thralling

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I’m not familiar truncheon in the picture

Funny since i changed nothing from when i capped a named smelter. The issue isnt the player tbe issue is the game balance for what thralls can take. If you read my post properly you’d understand that it was nothing i did that caused the issue.

Was just the trash truncheon you first learn. I’m low level on that server or restarting. I forget lol the weapon in the picture was a mace that i happened to have out randomly

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If that’s what you want to believe, sure. At least try the buffs

Try the buffs? My guy i already capped a thrall the same way both before and after the armorer attempt. Rather than praise the buffs how about you put aside your preferences for a bit and actually listen to the issue and understand the issue so that it can be talked about and fixed. This issue existed before this update and still persists yet no one has ever bothered to say something about it

I have killed many named thralls along the river when using a plain wooden truncheon addition of simple blunt weapons fitting makes a big difference.

I noticed thralls die if you use a trunch with full str build and str armour.
Switch to concussion armour instead and in most cases you’ll be fine.

If you’re a high level using a low grade truncheon, low level thralls die before being knocked out (when you have enough str).
The damage exceeds the concussion dmg (since all truncehons have 1 damage but the wooden trunch having the least concussion dmg).

At least in my tests, haven’t done a lot of knocking so this is all I experienced.

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We used to wack on NPC,S at low levels let them heal concussion stayed let them heal finish them off and bring home. My wife is playing a new character on official pve and it still works but that was before update. I knocked out a Berserker yesterday on and worked fine but level 60 character and steel truncheon on a pair of thralls

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Update my wife was just trying to nock out one of the 1 Skull river npc Arnos of cimmaran wood truncheon and kit simple blunt fitting looks like he would die before knocking out wasn’t that way before update.

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