Trunchion killing named thrals

Truncheon killing named thralls just a few hits. has happen repeatedly last six times i finally found one. the KO bar barely moves the health drops about a quarter per hit. NO points in strength. no bonus or kits on the truncheons. same for all 3 levels of truncheon. can KO levels 1-3 no problem barely moves there heath bar.
What am i doing wrong or is it a new bug?

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Never yet experienced this, so it’s either a new bug or something local to your game. Inevitable question: any mods?

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Are you using a mace or did you add damage on your truncheon?

He wrote “no kits on the truncheon” :wink:

@OP: Did you just change from a deadly weapon to the truncheon when this happened?
Sometimes I experience this: After using a deadly weapon and then changing to truncheon during combat makes the truncheon do deadly damage sometimes.

Try this: Take truncheon in your hand, remove it (do not change to another weapon, just put it away) and then take it in your hand again. For me this helped so that the truncheon is always doing blunt damage.

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I was able to use my truncheon on several Lemurian T4 thralls just last night (two Lissiras and an alchemist) without brutalizing them to death, so clearly the problem is not ubiquitous.

Are you playing on an official server, private server, single player, Testlive? Any mods we should be aware of?

(Also, I have never encountered the situation where swapping from spear to truncheon in the middle of a melee had made the truncheon do any more lethal damage than it should… but I guess it can happen to some people with certain configurations.)

In my case the switch is from one-handed axe to truncheon, with the shield still held in the left hand. Spear is a two-handed weapon and maybe the reaction is different here (I never dealt deadly damage with a truncheon when I switched from bow to truncheon).

Interesting. I’ll test this if I have the time today. I barely ever use shields unless I know I’m going against multiple archers, and then I’m usually too busy trying not to die to even think about knocking anyone out in a nice and orderly fashion.

I’ve been wanting to try an axe, anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever used an axe as a weapon in my ~700 hours of playing - they don’t fit into the visual image of my character - even though I’ve played around with most other weapon types to see how they work. (I love daggers, swords are okay, the big hammer is fun, and I use the spear because I suck at this game and need the weapon that gives me the biggest advantage.)

And maybe I should give the shields a try too. I haven’t really tested them since they updated the new weapon combos.

I have had this happen on Ps4 occasionally. I will then give a thrall truncheon and then just help out. They don’t usually kill.

Exactly had this same issue just before, but on my testlive-server, but i may think it can also happen in regular build.
Went to the Mounds of Dead, spotted some nice thralls, and killed 2 named thralls with truncheon. Then captured Dalinisia without issue, but bit later after having removed, and re-added the truncheon.

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. We just heard some similar reports recently on the consoles’ sections so it seems that there’s definitely something going on there. We’ll inform our team and they’ll look into it.

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