Massive damage with truncheon


Sometimes when i smack a thrall with the truncheon it does a lot of damage all of a sudden.
It seems like it’s totally random but this has happened quite a few times now.
It’s kinda annoying, you get two hits in and notice they are almost dead and you cant smack them anymore without finishing them off.
This has happened with the regular truncheons and the lovetap.

Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

never happened to me.
Any mods?

Actually, the same happened to me and my… kicks.
For whatever reason, sometimes my first kick deals a chunk of the other guys life, then only very little again.
I didnt yet experience this with clubbing enemies though.

agree, and it’s totally random. All can be fine without issue over days, then one day, on some hits, your truncheon becomes hard-core.

Often i use a lower truncheon just for this reason, or at least carry it with me. Because of course, it will still kill the trhall you realy wanted. :grin:

Yeah we use mods but i don’t see how that would randomly make truncheons do more damage sometimes.
And yea it’s totally random, it doesn’t happen often but it has happened several times for me.

of course can affect how weapons or tools act. All depends what mods you’re using.

Test it on singleplayer, this can give you an idea. But like said, happened to me several times, at very different moments. Of course, i use also mostly mods, but no one touching weapons, or making them stronger. While is very random, is also very hard to test.

It has happened while only using a pickup mod on the server and when using other mods too so it doesn’t seem like it is the mods that are borking it.

don’t think so, especially pick-up mods also shared us with funy bugs.

Like said, easiest way would be testing it in SP without mods, the difficulty here is that you never know when it will happen. So you can play 2 weeks in your test-game, and nothing will happen, and as soon back on your regular game, the bug may occur again. And this doesn’t mean the you have tracked the bug down, just it doesn’t happen right now while in test.
An other interesing aspect to consider would be the level when it happens. Honnestly i don’t remember. So maybe it happens only when you reach a specific level, or gain a perk.
Of course it happen less to me while using low tear trunchon also when in eng-game, but that’s only a work-around.

Yeah it hasn’t effected me enough for me to do all that work to bug test it lol :smiley:
But mostly wanted to see if it was just me it was happening to, haven’t seen anyone mentioning it.
So maybe some official people have had it happen too, we will see hopefully!

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You might consider posting in the bug/update categaory then, since you are not the only one to have this issue.
or even better, a moderator could move your thread to the appropriate section.


It’s happened to me too, but I’m fine with it. Repeatedly smashing people on the head with a blunt object so hard that they remain unconscious for several minutes is bound to occasionally do some serious damage.

Try using the Love Tap truncheon.

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