Truncheon keeps killing

I tried resetting my attribute and I still end up killing thralls. how do I knock out thralls with a Truncheon if all it does is kill them?

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Can you send a screenshot of the Truncheon you used from your inventory and select it for the details?

I don’t know if it makes a difference but I use a mod that lets me go to level 250

Thank you.

I think it is but I don’t work with mods so I can’t give you a clear answer on this.
Maybe if you have the name of the mod, some others can tell if this is because of the mod?!

I but guess it is and might be a combination of something else.

Could be server to, Damage scaled up to high.

Try blunt mod on it, (I use steel one with blunt mod) Not having a kill issue at moment.

If attack damage multiplier is set too high , it will kill.

I’m playing single player. I’ll lower the damage multiplier and see if that helps.
Thanks everyone

I hope.

Could you fix it? Whenever i play solo mode i always kill thralls with truncheons too lmao, but i already fixed the damage multiplier so i dunno what it can be.

SP I’m having the same problem, but only with legendary thralls. Lower levels just go to sleep, legendaries keep fighting until they’re dead. I’m still low level in a new game so I’m using the wooden truncheon. The last time I took on a legendary (Sir Bowen) it took so long that the truncheon broke. I ran off a wee way and repaired it, came back and it killed him. I’m going to try a blunted weapon fitting, but I don’t have this problem in a hosted server that I play on.

Try blunted javelin (light attacks only, don’t throw it) + shield, get 2-3 in case you throw it by mistake. It is much quicker than the beginner truncheons until you can craft blunted fittings for them.

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I’m using steel tru myself with blunt mod. What I do in Ko damage, i do about half in health (2.0 scaled) With out blunt mod, Its 80-90% ratio. Cut it close…

I had to start over. I lowered the player damage multiplier to 1.5 and my strength at 16. I’m knocking out thralls instead of killing them. I installed a new mod called Stun Bow in case I decide to rise player damage multiplier in my next play-through.

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I’m at 2.0, with little issue. So don’t be afraid to bump it up abit more. Thats ussally at 1/5 or 2/5 in str.

2.0 is perfect. thanks.

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