Truncheons not working as intended (from previouse AoS experience)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

All thralls including named and single skull mini bosses are easily knocked out with one wooden truncheon and take no HP damage

Bug Reproduction:

start game, use wooden truncheon on any potential thrall


Interesting I have some experimenting to do thanks. A friend on ps4 Siptah server said he knocked out a head hunter.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Are you saying it’s an easy knockout with fewer hits than required? Or are you saying that they’re taking no HP damage and you expected them to? If the latter, the HP damage was removed from truncheons and was fully intended. If you look in the patch notes for AoW, it says this. However, there was also an unintended effect that has made modifiers on legendary truncheons not work as intended: Szeth’s Truncheon no longer applies the drunk status and Coup de Grace (on Siptah) no longer kills unnamed thralls. Hopefully these issues will be rectified with the chapter 2 update. It’s been reported and they’ve acknowledged the reports.

Hey, i havnt played since chapter 3 of age of sorcery, but nothing i saw in the patch notes tells me what i’m witnessing is intentional. That truncheons no longer do hp damage is news to me, but yes it’s far fewer hits than i have ever seen. I am knocking out T4 named thralls in about 10 hits with a standard wooden truncheon at level 1, and they break on the Lesser Wheel of pain in less than a minute at default settings. I can’t imagine this was an intentional change because it feels more like a sequence break. I made a fresh save with fully default settings, no mods, just to test this.

Hmm… I’d probably suggest testing an official server if you have time. I’ve not seen thralls breaking in less than a minute. It’s significantly faster, sure, but T4 thralls on official take about 30-40 minutes give or take now. Something seems strange on your end. I play on PlayStation, so I can’t validate your claims though. You sure you have no mods and it’s completely vanilla?

i went to the length of unsubscribing from every single mod i had in the workshop, revalidating my files, and restarting the game twice. and becuase it was a fresh start in single player and i just chose the base settings i am quite sure its as vanilla as it could be. i even double checked when my character loaded in that none of the features of any mod were present, because i was sure itd be something like that too.

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Hmm… that’s pretty strange. Maybe other PC players on steam can validate this. Wish I could be more help. Sorry! :disappointed:

I have seen Thralls and cooking food basically auto complete as soon as you “start” at times but not consitant enough to duplicate the results consistantly. Just seems to randomly bug out and with food almost half the meat is spoiled instantly while the rest is just cooked instantly most of the time everything finishes in the correct times tho.

Greetings Adonite!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forums!

Situations like yours may indeed occur due to the usage of Mods in your game. We see that you’ve unsubscribed to them, however we suggest that you uninstall all of them —> reinstall your game —> Verify files on Steam and see if the issue remains.

To verify the files on Steam: Go to your Conan Exiles on Steam → right click it and go to ‘‘Properties’’ → Installed Files → and click to ‘‘Verify’’.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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Hey, I finally found some time to go through a full reinstallation and the problem still persists, my friend has also run into this issue independently in solo play on their machine as well, wasn’t even talking to them about it. Have not had the time to test an official server yet as someone suggested.

That’s an unrelated issue. What you’re referring to is a hiccup in the loading or something. It happens somewhat frequently when you first load into the server. It’s as though the server timer is trying to catch up or something and it does an “auto-complete” if you will… however, you’ll notice with food it completes as though tons of time passed by and leaves some food to spoil (notice with gruel you get spoiled gruel). It will basically do this with anything you craft if you do it right after logging in for the first time. The game isn’t broken or bugging out persay. It’s just a weird hiccup with the timer i guess? Someone else might be able to explain it better, maybe @Xevyr or someone familiar with the inner-workings of the game coding.

I can try :man_shrugging:

Basically most things in Conan (actors like thralls, npcs, placeables, buildings etc) have a so called AILOD component.

What that does is whenever there aren’t ANY online player characters nearby, it basically places them in a sort of “suspended animation”. It basically freezes them as a type of optimization mechanic to ensure server resources aren’t wasted on operating things that would not be seen by anyone anyway.

Of course this would mean that if you queue up things in your crafting station, they would stop producing goods as soon as you leave the area even on a server.

To counteract this though, a catch-up mechanic is implemented that whenever players come back in range and their AILOD component kicks them back into operation, based on the time elapsed… the crafting queue is sped up in order to instantly produce the amount of products you would have expected to find.

Now, we can’t see the inner workings of this as it’s in the base C++ code of the game, which is not available, however most likely what’s happening is that on rare occasions - most likely related to server performance / sudden logins / etc. this queue speedup is falsely triggered as soon as you press the play button on your station, immediately completing all tasks.

Not sure if that made it more clear or more confusing, but that’s about it :man_shrugging:
This was off-topic though.

Now on to the current topic.

For future reference, you don’t need to go through all that trouble, nor do you need to reinstall the game to get rid of mods.
The game will start up with the mods that are listed on your modlist.txt.

As such the best way to ensure you have no mods is to go to that text file and move it out of the folder / delete it / empty it and save… etc.
(you can get there by Right-clicking the game in Steam, selecting Manage → Browse local files. and in the folder that opens go to ConanSandbox\Mods\ where you will find the modlist.txt file)

As for your issue at hand, thralls being knocked out too easily… that could be a simple matter of server settings seeing as there’s a concussive damage multiplier setting.

However… a lot of what you said is NOT strange at all.

Firstly let’s look at the changes since the last time you played:

  • Thrall taming time has been reduced to a mere 15 minutes per Tier, without factoring in taskmaster bonuses. So to put that in perspective a T4 thrall in Age of Sorcery required ~25 hours to tame… in comparison that now only takes 1 hour… This is an official change of Age of War, not a bug.
    If you previously maybe had a server setting configuration to speed these up, then that speedup could explain taking only a few minutes now - especially with a taskmaster.

  • The concussion bar of thralls has been significantly reduced, halved for most (along with other stats like health etc). Putting this one in perspective a Cimmerian Berserker in Age of Sorcery had 3750 consciousness, whereas now it has 1875. The river exiles you mentioned with the 1 skull bar used to have 2500, now they have 1250.

Both of these are actual game changes, they made the game significantly easier when it comes to capturing thralls. (not to mention that they can no longer be immune to stagger after a couple of hits)

So I would say double-check your server settings, confirm that you do not have any increased values for anything and then make sure that we’re not just talking about the above changes. Now wooden truncheons aren’t that strong on their own, but with an authority spec and a fitting, they can do quite the concussive damage.

Since you’re using mods anyway, if you want, you can get my damage meter mod for diagnostic purposes, which will accurately display the concussive damage you’re doing with truncheons in blue text. If for some reason your truncheon is doing extreme damage, that would show it. :man_shrugging:

Good luck!


I’m not sure what i miscommunicated, I’m coming into the single player completely fresh, standard settings, knocking out T4’s in around 10~12 swings at level 1 with a wooden truncheon, placing them onto a lesser wheel of pain and they were breaking in like 45 seconds to a minute on 1 gruel (I was admin spawning them in for speed, but i wasn’t even turning god mode on). the server is never suspended and i never step away for them to unload. Again, fully removed mods (was my first step) and standard settings. Also i have never adjusted concussive damage modifier anywhere at any time, wasn’t even aware of that setting, nor can I find it in the serversettings.ini file. I am very willing to believe this is entirely on my end somehow, but I have tried to eliminate as many extraneous factors as I can via mods and settings and validating files in case something corrupted, yet it is persisting for me. Strangely if I adjust the thrall crafting time multiplier I can make it go even faster as well, just a few seconds, not even close to an hour. The same thing was happening for my friend as well, who was playing single player as well (though I cannot say what settings they had.) Thank you very much for that detailed breakdown though, I did learn a lot from it.

Yes, the knockout power is ridiculous these days. They remove all of the challenge from the game and make it just a runaround get-it-all-instantly pile of goo.

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Nothing in particular, however the behavior you described is obviously not as extreme for the rest of us, however the change itself IS quite extreme compared to Age of Sorcery, so obviously we have to make sure that it’s not the case of you misinterpreting intentional game changes as bugs, that’s all.

Could you perhaps record a video of you knocking out these thralls with your truncheon? Potentially doing it with no other mod active except that damage meter might give more insight into the situation. Up to you ofc.

As for the location of the server settings, it’s in ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ServerSettings.ini for Single Player mode. Deleting / moving that out of the game folder will reset them to default settings. Could potentially try that to see if it changes anything.

Btw, just to give you a rough idea, you said you were knocking out the 1 skull named NPCs by the river.

As I said before those have a 1250 consciousness value, the basic hand-crafted truncheon deals 20 concussive damage on the heavy hit and at level 1 without any Authority points or concussive damage bonus buffs on you that would take 63 hits, so not exactly 12 like it does for you.

Obviously if you haven’t already, also make sure to spawn / craft new truncheons when you test as the concussive damage is saved on the items.
So in case you had a mod earlier that altered the concussive damage of truncheons, even if you removed the mod, the concussive damage of the already spawned truncheons in the world would still be the same as what they were with the mod.

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