Can't knock out named "Exile/Wanderer faction T4" thralls with a basic truncheon, it just kills them instead

Game mode: Tried this on both Official Server 1502, single player, and my private server Tales of Lament
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE
Region: North America
Mods?: No on 1502, yes on Tales of Lament, no on single player.
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I cannot knock out any named/T4 thrall from the Exiles or Wanderers faction with a regular truncheon. It just applies the truncheon damage to both hitpoints and stun, and kills them. They cannot be knocked out. This problem goes away (barely, as it still seems to do this…somewhat) if an iron truncheon or higher is used (a legendary like Lovetap or Szeth’s Truncheon has this problem go away entirely). Named Darfari thralls (Sorchut Eyegouger) do not seem to be affected by this. It’s just this faction specifically.

I tested this on Official Server 1502, and I thought maybe I messed something up, so I tried it again on 1502, then went on my private server Tales of Lament and spawned a few NPCs and tested it out with the exact same results.

I tested these thralls over the course of a week on 1502 between three of the wanderer spawn spots that I am aware of, along with Sinner’s Refuge, then tested in on my own server, with the exact same results:

-Arnos of Cimmeria
-Tessa the Blade
-Amurath the Swift
-Noss the Murderer
-Airk the Slayer
-Ulrik the Beast
-Deirdre Deathbringer
-Ciria the Mad

I know the basic truncheon sucks, but why can I take higher faction thralls with it and not the lowest faction? I suppose a player could go farm Szeth in the wine cellar dungeon, but for a newbie player it is jarring, especially since you’re effectively stuck with the basic truncheon until level 30 or so (half the total experience levels in the game), yet these mobs are available fairly early, and aren’t bad for starter thralls.

Note that I only tested this on the Exiled Lands map. I don’t know how it affects Siptah.

EDIT: I have discovered that this bug may be rather old. It is specifically mentioned on page four of this GameFAQ walkthrough from a few years ago. The chapter is called “How not to die to a group of human - Getting thralls and steel.”

Quote: " * Exiles are crappy thralls. Seriously: they are awful. Even the named exiles are bad, and it doesn’t matter because you can’t capture named exiles anyway because the game is buggy. (Trying to knock them out will kill them instead until you have much better equipment.)"

So I guess I am not the only one with this problem.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to knock out named Exile Faction and Wanderer Faction thralls with the basic truncheon so I can drag them to my wheel of pain.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip Truncheon
  2. Find thrall
  3. Hit thrall with truncheon
  4. Watch both bars go down
  5. Be confused
  6. Kill thrall
  7. Be disappointed

I am testing it further. Right now I am doing a single player game with 0 strength and a truncheon, vs 10 strength and a truncheon. (no mods, barbaric difficulty). The results appear to be the same. Baseline truncheon kills these thralls. The 10 strength just does it faster.

I will check light attacks vs heavy attacks with a truncheon. Note that I am doing this by myself with no thralls.

So far, this is unexpected behavior. It is not within keeping with the rest of the game.

This is one of the few times I am glad that I have two Steam accounts.

EDIT: So it is…barely possible to knock one out…if you kite it for a LONG TIME and let their hitpoints regen, but don’t kite them so long that they reset entirely. The hitpoints seem to slightly regen faster than the concussion damage. This is not really feasible for a lower level player to do so. I died twice attempting to do it and the mob died anyway once during the attempts to do so.

This feels like something really unintended.

Note that Amurath the Swift and Deirdre Deathbringer aren’t “skull mobs,” they’re “gold border nameplate” named mobs, yet they suffer from the same effects as the “wanderers/one skull named mobs” from, the same faction.

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I have had this problem on ps4 private and official
Give a thrall a truncheon helps or run a distance and let them heal the concussion sticks with them awhile

I tried doing it with a thrall, but the combination of the two of us always kills the named mob in question. The kite thing sorta works, but it’s prone to the mob resetting and tethering back to its spot, and just feels really buggy. I really don’t feel like this is something that should be happening, especially when something as simple as the next tier truncheon solves the problem. It’s weird. At the exp level where a regular player (someone who is new and doesn’t know where to farm legendaries or something like that) would be reasonably going after thralls like these…they can’t.

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Tried SP mode with a concussion spec taskmaster crafted truncheon with the blunt weapon enchant?

I haven’t bothered with it, as I expect the results to be the same as with the iron truncheon. You don’t normally unlock the torturer’s table until level 30 I think, and the blunt weapon fitting until level 26, which while it solves the problem via advancement (same with just making an iron truncheon or finding one), it defeats the purpose of the exercise entirely. Pre 25, you should be able to farm these thralls, yet you can’t…not reasonably anyhow. Seems like most just skip them and get Darfari and Blackhand thralls. It’s weird that tier 3 and lower exile faction thralls are unaffected by this issue.

On a related note, is the 10 point strength perk actually working? I’m not noticing a difference on ANY thrall. Any thrall I hit with a truncheon of any kind that is.

I’ve been running the same Str build (41 in strength) since 2018, no issues with knockouts.

Honestly, I don’t think this issue is worth the time fixing it. It is only an issue with the very basic truncheon and very specific low tier thralls which you outlevel in no time. Just craft a blunted javelin at level 20!? and move on with your journey. With basic bow and blunted arrrows it is even easier.

You’re running 41 strength sub level 30?

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I’ll have to test with the blunted javelin and see how it plays out. I still feel it is a weird thing to have happen, and I’m trying to keep my mindset in a “what would a new player expect or know,” as I have introduced a ton of new people to this game recently and it’s a weird “bug” to have to explain. Of course I could come up with any number of workarounds, but I’ve also put in a ton of hours in this thing that a new player hasn’t.

Seems like it wouldn’t be all that hard to fix, since it is…oddly specific.

There’s a lot of little bugs that still exist that I worry might turn off new players in the short run, or convince them the rest of the game is unpolished in a worse way. Things like the shield and katana bugs with thralls, the invisible sandstorm, this particular bug, and the like.

Half the named fighters thrall I meet can’t be knocked out

Not sure if its intended but when the bar isn’t gold bordered you can’t knock them out (jailor has golden border, but can’t knock him out though, which is kinda confusing)

The ones you mention here can be knockout though, as far I know, but I never use the basic trunch

At 60. I focus entirely on the str stat til it hits 41. Regardless, 2.5 is bringing in a lot of bug fixes and QoL changes, hopefully, the issue you’re having will be fixed.

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Tested a level 30 with 10 str and a basic truncheon with no enchant on Ciria the Mad. She’s currently unconcious. Took a while, but I dropped her with heavy attacks. (SP Xbox One S)

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Ok. Thank you for testing. Later today I will try to replicate that on PC. Did you use only heavy attacks? Did you have to kite her and wait for her hitpoints to regen?

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Only used heavy attacks and kited her around a little. I’d forgotten how rubbish that truncheon is.

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My first thrall pre-level 20 was Tessa. (Don’t recall if I had invested into the first strength perk.) She was already wounded and my attacks with the default truncheon lowered her stun (?) and health… as expected. I would have killed her if I had continued.

My First Truncheon

  1. Spec into the first strength perk (use a yellow lotus potion if necessary)
  2. Use light attacks (less physical damage, less required stamina, causes stun lock)
  3. Allow the thrall to heal (Climb a tree or swim away to de-aggro the thrall for a few seconds)
  4. Continue attacking and repeat step three as often as necessary

So it is possible, you just have to be aware of the mechanics and be careful. The introductory truncheon just encourages you to find a replacement. And there are several.

Skeletons have a chance to drop Steel Truncheons
The Neebs Easter egg chest has a chance to drop a Reinforced Truncheon
The hidden Black Galleon chests each have a chance of dropping a Reinforced Truncheon
And it is possible to kill Szeth with stone daggers for his Truncheon.


True, bit if they aren’t going to address issues sub level 60, it rolls right into my wish they would just abandon leveling, put perks and recipes in Thrall camps (like cooking) and then they could balance beasies and Npcs to be equal and make it where be in desert as a level 60 is easy button. But if they stick with archaic level structure, then they owe it to those who on SP want to slow crawl the game.

I’ve had this issue, but only intermittently; that is, sometimes the basic truncheon works as intended, and sometimes I’m tortuously beating a man to death…very, very slowly. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. I have found that the problem completely vanishes once you either upgrade to the next tier of truncheon, or stick a blunted fitting on whatever truncheon you’re using.

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