Is the ten point strength perk working with the level 10/basic truncheons?

This question is related to this bug report:

While going through these tests with the regular truncheon, and messing around with 0 strength and 10 strength, along with light and heavy attacks, I believe I found no appreciable difference between 0 points in strength and 10 points in strength. Note that I haven’t done any thorough testing with other concussive weapons, or even the next tier of truncheon (iron).

Does the perk just not work with the basic truncheon? Am I doing it wrong or understanding the perk wrong? Have other people noticed this?

Give me 5 mins, I’ll check in SP (basic truncheon with no enchant), 10 str and an Exiles Wanderer. Knockout works, just takes ages, Ciria the Mad drooling on the beach.

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