Does shield add damage to truncheons?

I’m trying to knockout an Exile Named with a level 8 Exile I. I put a shield on both of us to help us survive. We kill it before we can knock it out! Is the wooden truncheon just too weak? The named almost kills us both, haha. Its a long, long battle.

The wooden truncheon seems to be bugged currently and deals more real damage than concussive damage resulting in killing the thralls instead of knocking them out.
The iron truncheon should still work normally I think.

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the wooden club is very weak and vice cannot use the shield together if it will not kill him

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Ah. bummer. But since I can knock out better t4s with an iron truncheon I guess its just for giggles to get an exile t4 fighter.

I think its just the weapons combos, trencheon has one handed attacks, some of the combos swing shield as a hit, shields have a dmg rating. Shield does more physical dmg than trencheon does ko dmg. Unequip the shield and have another run at it…

You can use a blunted javelin, they are insanely strong in terms of knocking out thralls.

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And that’s why I don’t break a thrall until I reach level 21 :grinning:

You are right, shields are usefull.
But with our combos they do some damage to thralls.

For this dirty job, I have a truncheon (with the stun improvement fitting) in right hand, and a very low lvl shield (the lowest damage possible) in the other hand.

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