Truncheons kill instead of knocking out Named Thralls

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single Player mode
Region: USA

Truncheons are killing named Thralls instead of knocking them out. They work correctly on regular non-named Thralls.

  1. Go to the location where Tessa the Blade spawns (TeleportPlayer -79767 241523 -20183)
  2. Kill the crocodile that spawns there and run away from the location
  3. Within few seconds Tessa the Blade (or any other named Thrall sharing this location) spawns
  4. Attempt to capture the Thrall using a Truncheon (The most basic one available with the lesser wheel of pain)
  5. Notice that along with the grey bar even the health bar drops as you land a hit. Eventually ends up killing the named thrall instead of knocking it out.
  6. Tried this on Tier 1 Exile non named Thralls and I can knock them out easily.
  7. Also repeated the experiment in another location on a named Thrall and ended up killing him instead of capturing him.

Player level: 20
Reproducible: Yes
Mods: LBPR - Additional Features v7.0.1 and Less Building Placement Restrictions v7.1.5
Repeated the test by disabling all mods. Still arrived to the same conclusion. Named Thralls die instead of getting knocked off by Truncheon.
Game Revision Number: 222733/25149

This was working correctly for me few months ago.
This issue started happening when I started a new game few days ago. This is a regression.
I know there has been a previous issue reported, but since they have been closed and I cannot comment, I am forced to file a new issue.


Is anybody else experiencing this issue?


I have experienced this. I was playing solo single player (ps4) and had no issues knocking out thralls (playing on barbaric) but, I did notice I was doing a bit of HP damage, too.

When I got to the named thrall in the cave I was after, my follower and I absolutely destroyed his HP well before knocking him out.

I repeated this and again nearly kill it. I had to run away and let the thrall regain its HP and then was able to knock it out, though his HP got down to 25% even still.

Did you mount any modification on the truncheon?

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It’s no use of hunting Thralls without the 1st perk in Strength and some blunted weapon fitting on your Truncheon. Or you may consider to use Blunted Javelin - it has 3 times more concussive damage than regular Truncheon without any fitting.

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If you get the first perk in strength and have a concussive upgrade on your truncheon you won’t have this problem anymore.

I did test what you said and it turns out light attacks deal very little concussive damage compared to heavy attacks, causing the thrall Tessa the Blade to die before being knocked out, even with the first perk in strength. With heavy attacks the thrall will get knocked out before running out of hp.

Your bug report however is misleading and incomplete. This situation only occurs with light attacks, not heavy attacks, and only when trying to capture a select few named thralls (Tessa the Blade in this case, which is actually a mini boss).

Doing light attacks on these low-level thralls works just fine as you can see below.
Doing light attacks on a T4 Barnes of Asura works fine.

After making several tests, it turns out that the problem is not the truncheon. The problem lies with some select few low-level T4 fighter and archer thralls that have fewer hit points than concussive points, but which you can easily knock out with heavy attacks.

Tessa the Blade should have her stats looked into. The way I see it, you shouldn’t be able to capture her, since she is a mini boss.

For future reference, please make several case tests on your theories before submitting a bug report. If Admins/Developers take your post in consideration, they would end up fixing the truncheons when they are in no need of fixing. This could easily lead to real bugs.

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We had the same issue with Tessa on our server. We managed to let her reset her HP once and tried again but in the end she died before being unconscious.

Yup this was happening for us so we upgraded our server mod to make truncheons heal while truncheoning. It’s pretty cool now.

You mentioned in your bug report that you attempted to capture that named thrall and you killed her. At least the steps you described in reproducing the bug say so.

Now you say you used a 30str thrall. This is entirely different scenario since thralls deal (or used to base on the latest update) tremendous amount of damage in comparison with players. So, killing another NPC with your thrall with a wooden truncheon is nothing special and not a bug.

Also, this issue was already reported in the past. My advice is, use a blunt fitting on your truncheon, and use an iron truncheon, they’re not that hard to make.

Last piece of advice: if you find a bug please make sure you search the forum to see if it has been reported already. Your bug was already reported multiple times:

The reason it was not fixed is because it was never a bug, it’s not a bug right now and never will be. Blunt fitting exists for a reason.

Last Edit: Please don’t read my reply on an angry tone. I wrote this in a hurry. Hope it helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards


Go to Sepermeru,in Conans bar.Back side of bar is entrance in dungeon.First npc sometimes drop legendary truncheon.Upgrade with blunted fittings and never again have this problem

I’ve murdered Szeth like 60 times and never got that damn truncheon.

Non-scientific observation: sometimes it appears that certain “light” truncheon hits do extra damage, almost like a critical strike. I notice this more when the NPC target is receiving many successive blows from my player character. You have to watch out for if their health drops more than you would expect it to, back off and let them heal up for a while. I mostly use the Blunted Javelin.

Idk-i get that truncheon many times.But i prefer use blunt arrows with hunting bow.And blunt upgrade on bow

I have not used any modifications on any of my weapons so far. I could capture these Nmaed Thralls from the exile faction using the lowest level Truncheon without killing them in my previous games. :slight_smile:

Thank you for detailing out the workaround.
I tested my issue on several Named Thralls that spawn in the location that I posted in the bug report (i.e Cira the Mad, Airk the Slayer and others that share the same spawn location).
I also did the same test with one of the Chosen of Asura named Thralls that spawn in the Exile’s cave and I ended up killing him.
I could capture all these thralls in my previous game with the lowest level Truncheon and having no modifications to them. I also would use a combination of both light and heavy attacks to knockout thralls without killing them. So, I am still trying to understand how just using light attacks only is the way to capture these named thralls and relying on modifications and the strength perk.

Please note: I am grateful for the workaround you have posted. Thank you very much for it. I am also not contesting your statements about using modifications, perks and light attacks to capture these thralls. Just trying to understand them based on what I have observed and experienced from my previous play throughs :slight_smile:

People in this thread are missing the point. I’ve reported this issue in Testlive, and there are a number of posts about it.

Basically, the light attacks with a blunted weapon (javelin, truncheons of any level, etc.) are doing tremendous amounts of damage to NPCs and a very small amount of bludgeoning damage.

This makes early thrall catching nearly impossible. Attempting a knockout at level 20 will just result in the thrall (named Exiles, like Asura’s Chosen) being killed outright. A T1 thrall will certainly die to a wooden truncheon.

That’s definitely not expected behavior.

The “workarounds” are semi-valid for a level 60 player with all the fitting feats, but not for anyone without access to the higher level blunt weapon fitting mods.

This means, for practical application, that it is a bug.

If the solution is to “be a high level player”, “use a legendary weapon with a 10% drop chance from a high-level boss” or “use level 50+ mods” to KO a thrall, that’s not a solution.


Yes, oddly thralls get killed more often now, seems like truncheon does more damage.

The only named thrall I’ve managed to kill with a truncheon recently was Chieftain Alfhild. This was a Steel truncheon with advanced blunted fitting, and using light attacks.

My thrall had managed to hurt her before I had properly identified her as something worth capturing and was at ~half health before I told my thrall to stop attacking. But whereas I made barely a dent on Alfhild’s knockout track, I inflicted lots of lethal damage and she ended up dying. Seriously, I thought she was glitched because she didn’t seem to take any stun damage, but in the end, before she drew her last breath, there was a barely noticeable dent in her stun bar.

I’ll test using heavy attacks the next time I get the chance, see if it makes a difference. Pity those chieftains are pretty rare spawns.

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Keep this thread alive, and the one mentioned reporting the bug on TestLive, or the topic will close and the devs will never get around to fixing the issue.

That is the way they operate. Letting concerns die after 7 days, like that other game title.

It would help to have a true bug reporting system so the public can verify their issue is still “on the boards”.

I have noticed that sometimes a truncheon will not inflict concussive damage. Try unequipping it and then reequipping. The concussive damage has returned for me on several occasions.

Absolutely, have you posted it on suggestions?