Truncheon issue?

Game mode: Online Private Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: United States

When attacking thralls with a Truncheon, my second swing ALWAYS misses, which results in the thrall being attacked able to immediately interrupt my attack/combo. I’ve repeated this on many types of thralls, of varying locations and levels. The second heavy swing is a 100% miss rate, which in turn allows the enemy thralls to begin their own combo, which interrupts your combo 100% of the time.
Does anyone else have this issue? It’s difficult at lower levels to obtain any thrall, when the combo actions are constantly interrupted by a 100% fatal miss flaw on the second swing…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Equip Truncheon, approach enemy thrall
2.Begin attacking with heavy swing
3.Enemy thrall attacks you despite being hit
4.Run away

Hey @moudoka

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We’ve sent your feedback to our team so they can look into it.
Thanks for the heads-up.

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Thanks! Other players on our server have the same issue, and it’s making it really difficult to catch thralls. We expect difficulty, and that’s cool, but missing all the time is making it rough!

I generally stick with the light attacks in a attempt to keep them stunned. As far as the heavy attack missing will have to check into that . I also use a shield when possible. Once you get a thrall to help give them a truncheon and tag team. @moudoka

For sure! We started this server up anew, and is a RP-based one essentially, with quests and all that, so everyone is low level. A few of us are at the stage to start obtaining thralls, and I’m used to doing the heavy combo swings, but found the second swing seemed to miss every time, allowing our enemy thrall to get their combo started, which is essentially unavoidable (save for rolling). That’s exactly the idea, get a thrall to combo, and gang up on others :smiley:

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When I get home tonight will have to test the heavy attack. My wife and I play on pve private servers our own and a couple others.

It’s still happening from what I can tell. I dunno if there is some sort of input lag on the click versus attack, but despite my attack, it does still miss. Kinda weird really, not sure what’s going on with it, I don’t quite remember that happening previously.

It will also at some times kill the thrall if hit to many times, makes it so hard to get your thralls, they die from truncheon, they disappear under ground never to be seen again after you have knocked them out, they disappear off the rope half way home. All know issues, getting very frustrating to thrall with all the issues which have all been reported over and over.

If you’re playing on a server, the quickest workaround is to relog. If you’re playing singleplayer, you’ll have to run far enough away and come back.

This might happen if you’re going through a loading screen.

This works on privates and solo, Code. I often use the quick relog. There are a few spots that I farm regularly that do this, like the Pagoda.

The only time that’s happened to me is with a maproom and I found that in some places you flip into climb mode. Now when dragging one, I approach the map at an angle. Seems to work for me, solo and online private. I don’t do officials, so defer to your wisdom.



Edited PS: Now that I think about it, the solo part above may be wrong, please take it with a grain of whiskey.


I hesitate to contradict you without trying it in the game to double-check, but I’m pretty sure that if you log out of singleplayer, it’ll despawn everything that’s lying around, just like a server rebooting. But I can’t check right now, so don’t necessarily take my word for it :wink:

A work around not a fix and its a waste of my time to do this every time one is gone off your rope, its the same with you kill a npc and puff its just gone, these are issues that make the game less fun and more grind y and should be address not pushed down the list for months.

Also for the it “might” there is no might sorry it happens, has been reported on the forums as a bug and its not though loading screens its been running home from Set city get about the unnamed city turn around wait where in heck is my thrall nope do not have one anymore run all the way back nope just gone. Work arounds are great but there is a time after weeks and months that these things needing fixed they are frustrating and take the fun out of the game.

I agree. When I point out a workaround, it’s for the people who might not know about them, which is even more frustrating.

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Although they do not 100% always miss I have found it to be in the 90% range. Probably high 90’s. On rare occasions I have pulled off a full combo with it. But, I have found a blunted Javlin is just hand down far better and almost never use a truncheon any more.

I use blunted javelin until I can get a Lovetap. Both are better than any truncheon, even Szeth’s.

Please don’t hesitate, since as you, I didn’t recheck singleplayer, thus the edited-in PS. You are correct, logging off singleplayer resets the server.

Apologies for the mislead.



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So concerning the trucheon issue, it seems to be that it happens when the thrall is pushed backwards on your first swing as they stagger from the hit, the end up just out of range of the second swing and then as your char moves forwards slightly more the third swing connects. What I have started doing is making sure when I am hitting thralls that I get them, up against a wall or into a corner so that they dont stagger backwards from the blow. Seems to work pretty well for me and it allows me to stun lock them with each of my hits connecting.

As for the thralls falling through the floor when knocked out, this seems to be a client sync issue. In order to avoid this from happening until it is fixed, what works for me everytime is to make sure the thrall stays on screen while they ragdoll to the floor. I noticed it would happen as my screen would look away for a moment as they get knocked out. I started making sure I watch them fall to the ground and ever since I havent experienced them falling/disappearing ever since.


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