Impossible to knock out (certain?) T4 fighter thralls with wooden truncheon

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So I tried 3 times to knock out Deirde Deathbringer with the wooden truncheon. She always died before being knocked out. I tried together with another thrall, same result. It seems to be impossible to knock her out because the truncheon does too much damage. I’m quite sure this used to work before the patch.

Edit: Just tried it with another low level T4 (Ciria the mad). Same problem. Probably none of the easy T4 fighter can be knocked out with the wooden truncheon.

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  1. Find / Spawn Deirde Deathbringer
  2. Hit her with the simple (wooden?) truncheon.
  3. See her hp lower too fast

I knocked her out with a steel truncheon without problem. Private server.

Well that’s not the point. If you start a new game you don’t have a steel truncheon. (I think you get that with level 52?).

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True. But if you kill Szeth in wine cellar enough times, you can get his special one that is on par with love tap. But you need to be at least level 30 and some daggers for bleed to beat him at low level.

At level 30 you can kill him with just about anything that applies bleed. Daggers will be fastest but Axe or Spear will be quite fine as well. Hell, if you want to you can kill hit at 30 with a sword and no bleed but it will take a long time and a LOT of dodging.

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If you are playing offline double check your damage settings put back to original played on a private server where damage was to high killed more thall than caught. Give them a chance to heal @Jantho

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Just checked that. Everything on default (1.0).
I think it’s a bug. I always was able to get the T4 fighter thralls from the south river without problems, be it on single player or on a server. I already got about 1900 hours on conan exiles, so I went through this from time to time…
Since I can admin spawn whatever thrall I want, it’s not a problem for me. But for new players that don’t know their way around in CE, this hast to be very frustrating.

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Out of curiosity, are you using light attack or heavy attack with the truncheon? I remember at one point, and not sure if this is still the case as I have been using the blunted javelin for about a year now, the light attacks did more HP damage than concussive damage where as the heavy attacks did more concussive damage than HP damage. Maybe this is the case again? Really not sure but it is worth checking at the very least.

light attack (left mouse button)

But since my thrall does most of the work it probably doesn’t matter :wink:

Don’t forget you can also get a reinforced steel truncheon (and Shark Bite daggers) from the secret chest (random spawn) under the Black Galleon. It may take a few tries, though.


That might very well be the problem. You should always use the heavy attack (right mouse button) with the truncheon.

OMG, you’re right. Just tried it on Tessa the Blade and there really is a small difference, enough to let her survive. Of course you can’t use a thrall to do the job, but at least there is a way to knock them out.
I’m sure I never needed the heavy attack before the patch, but I’m glad there is a solution without admin spawning :wink: Thanks a lot for the advice.

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From other such threads: You need to have STR at perk1. Then it should always work…

“Every blow you strike with a truncheon deals 100% more concussive damage.”


That does not always work have killed many thralls using this. In fact killed a named cook in Set City yesterday because of this issue, Its been broken for months and reported over and over and over and again not fixed.

I have this perk, but still this could be the origin of this bug. I’ve seen others report about not working perks (fall damage perk for example) and if this perk does nor work as well, this could be the reason for this bug (or …feature…)

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I am confirming this bug. I have just started a new game and cannot knock out T4’s. I also have the first perk in Strength. I have specifically noticed that the damage taken by the first truncheon is proportional to the Tear level of the NPC. T3 health levels are almost completely gone before they get knocked out but T2, and T1 are proportionally less. It also doesn’t matter if you use a light or heavy attack. I am beginning to think this is a deliberate feature put in by Funcom so that you can’t have T4 thralls till later in the game.

I was able to knock one out with the heavy attack, but it was very very close. She almost died. Maybe it was just luck and will not work again.

I disagree on the matter that this is a “bug”. There are some important details you are not seeing.

Truncheon is a level 10 weapon. It has awful knockout (15 light, 20 heavy). It does 1 damage (actually 2 damage with the perk).

Deirde Deathbringer and Ciria the Mad may be “T4” but they have 165 health, they are Exile, they are weak. The Truncheon is super weak in knockout. T4 thralls have lots of knockout resistance, but it will kill them before you knock them out because of their health. This is normal if you think about it.

Dina, the Master Huntress for example, is from a stronger race, and has over 500 hp. She can survive the truncheon, but it’ll take a long time. A LONG TIME.

You are using a level 10 weapon on thralls that have higher knockout bars but lower health, basically. Use something better or don’t go for T4 at such a low level.

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Then its a concept/design flaw in the game, which doesnt make it any better.

You have explicity a weapon type (truncheon) for knocking out people. Which should be doing ONE job and yet it kills people.

Well if it’s not a bug than it is still something that changed with the last update.
Before the update it was abslutely no problem to knock out all these thralls with the wooden truncheon.
And to be honest, it would be really stupid that the beginner T4 thralls can’t be knocked out with the beginner truncheon…