Worthless thralls

So i arm my t3 fighter with a trudgeon and he just watches me get pummeled. Whats the deal?

Did you give the thrall a binding… May not know what you want done without a binding…


The issue is that you gave him the truncheon, thralls won’t fight with that, you’d need to give the thrall a proper weapon. Truncheons are only good for knocking things out.

I know that.
Thralls have used trudgeons before update to help knock put npcs.
Are you saying they removed this?

Not necessarily removed, more like they are a bit random whether they attack with it or not, then again, since the update, my T2 archer seems to have forgotten she’s an archer, she goes for her sword first.

Some thralls seem to have an affinity for either 1-handed or 2-handed weapons. For instance, Dalinsia will KO or kill all of New Asagarth respectively if you put a truncheon or 1-H sword in her hand, but give her a spear or a greatsword and she will roll her eyes at you in disdain.

The same thing holds true for the much-acclaimed Captain from Sepermeru. They’ll slaughter dragons for you, but only when wielding a 2-handed weapons. Give them a 1-hander like a truncheon, and they’ll just walk around looking menacing, but never actually swing.


I took my new Captain (she reappeared after falling through the map) to the volcano and she knocked out every thrall from one end to the other,
went through the devotee mob, which are no longer an easy task, like nothing with a truncheon.

sometimes you get a fairly smart thrall others are rather low IQ

Try taking the truncheon out of their inventory and then putting it back in. Sometimes my thrall just watches me while I run around like mad swearing at her.

After I run away and swear more at her, I do the remove truncheon, then re-add truncheon. In most cases that gets her working again. I have also noticed most of the time I need to be hit and damaged b4 she decides to jump in. Other times she just decides to bolt off and start attacking random NPC’s who are not even aggressive…lol.

I do a lot of running away, redo her weapon, run back and try again. I believe there is some kind of bug with thralls, so need to keep re-adding weapons till they do what they are supposed to. Hopefully they will fix that soon, I am sure they know about and are working on it.

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Damn wpn efficiency
Seems to have been the issue.
Damn archer can bestter use a trudgeon than a fighter, pfft

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My Captain won’t use a truncheon either, the bloodthisty maniac. But the police officers in my city (T3 Relic Hunter fighters) will happily clobber anyone in the name of the law when given truncheons.

Also, I gave truncheons to a T3 Lemurian fighter and a named Exile fighter thrall whose name I forget, and left them to guard my elevator against a Purge, and between the two of them they merrily KOed everyone who approached while I defended the other side of my base. (I hate to admit but my side of the base lost two doors while the elevator side was left undamaged.)

Did he have anything besides a truncheon? Weapon-wise that is… Because that tends to mess up the ai’s decision making, in my experience

Nope. If you want a thrall to KO someone, give him only a truncheon. A thrall with multiple weapons tends to swap between them mid-combat.

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All these “hidden stats”, be it weapon preference, damage multiplier or combat ability (use of combos) really needs representation somewhere in the Thrall UI. Yeah us here on the forum have an idea they exist, but even so there’s much speculation and anecdotal evidence going around.

To be clear, I think it’s AWESOME if thralls are actually more diverse than an HP number and a set of inventory slots.

We can look it up on the Wiki if we’re lucky, but in-game there’s no intimation whatsoever that Thralls are different except for their HP - and unlike other things that are “discoverable” by playing the game, there’s no way to verify or see Thrall information.


I am in complete agreement with Mikey here. More numbers = more accurate information = better gaming experience. Experimentation will take us only so far.


My exact point indeed :slight_smile:

Might not be the issue here but I have noticed if captain in particular hasn’t got a spare inventory slot she just “hangs out” while you get murdered.
It happens with a few others too like dancers. As long as they have an open inventory slot and no other weapon, they work fine for me.

This is correct.

Different thralls have different properties regarding weapon of choice.

I have aberserker, he kills everything with a 2h weapon, and bsicly is my thrall of choice when it comes do lifeguarding.
If i give him a shield and a thruncheron he do not engage, it seems he get confused by 2 weapons in inventory.
Now, if i take everything out, put the club in his hand he will use it to much extent and frustration for the inhibitants of new asgarth:)
Do not have ashield in his inventory, he will use the club as a 2h and do mahem in town:)

Bur, even better is this, take notice of what a thrall have equipped when captured, this will allways be the best choice for that specific thrall.
Thats why i started using “Janos” for thrall clubbing, because he uses shields, kick and full combos etc, real cool to see.

In other words, equip the best versions of what the thrall have initially when captured and you will allways see them aggro after you get hit.

At least thats what i have experienced and use as my preferred thrall tactic.

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That’s exactly, mostly you can look at what weapons they come with, them give them some better, but similar. And run some trials before go out with them for good.

Sure, i use my berserkers, and higher thralls to knock out slaves. They working nicely for that. Still all want not, that’s a fact, so make your trials to be sure before go to hunt.

One thing I’ve been testing lately is giving my 2-hander thralls low-grade weapons with the advanced blunted kit on them. I can’t quite bring myself to give them stone weapons (too ugly), but the Captain and Berserker actually do a fair job knocking out thralls with a non-epic, standard-grade Aquilonian spears and greatswords.

Of course, since these weapons can still do fatal damage, they’ll sometimes kill thralls that have thicker skulls than their HP pool should warrant. The nice thing is, it’s fewer swings of my axe to coup de grace the KO’d thralls that I don’t want, and they can still put down wild animals during a purge or while adventuring.

Dalinsia with a blunted wooden practice sword is both comical and terrifying. :wink:

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Blunted gives good results, and i only started recently to use them much more, especially for thralls.
But the practice sword thingy sounds fun, will give it a trial. :wink:

I agree, i saw similar stuff when they fought by accident with initial weapons they came with. Have still some poor guy i forget in a corner, though. :sweat_smile:

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