Train thrall to switch to truncheon

I suggest the simple mechanic. When thrall has both a truncheon and a weapon, switch them depending on what wielding the player. So changing to a truncheon by player will automatically lead thrall to switch to a truncheon too and so on. This will be convenient and natural.


You know, I used to wish for the same thing, but have since gotten used to having the thrall knock everyone out, and me be able to kill whomever I want at the same time. So at this point, I personally would probably be opposed to that change now…
However, there are new command mechanics coming to followers (in testlive now). Perhaps sometime soon, the devs could also add “Prioritize non-lethal” to “Prioritize melee” and “Prioritize ranged”, to address this…

They just need to add this in the new Thrall control system on the testlive servers. Various Thrall status, kill, stun or guard and not attack etc.

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Nope, this will be the same inconvenient, as manually change weapon for thrall now. But if thrall will be mimic master and choose the same weapon this will be much quicker and convenient. May be this will be good not only for a truncheon, but for a bow too.

or make some kind of spell/item/arrow for targeting npc to be converted so your thralls around you know to not kill that one guy, would be super useful, marking arrow or something.

tbh if they make this mod-able i might look into it… it might be really simple depending on where it is … i suspect all i have to do is copy the melee and range and just add non lethal option with a button press i mean all i would need to force equip from a list of item if available.

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