Intelligent Thralls

So this seemingly should be in the game. Have an option for your thrall to mimic your gear choices.

It should be optional, because sometimes you really don’t want your thrall using a deadly weapon, but a truncheon instead.

Basically it works like this:

  1. Place a sword and truncheon into your thralls inventory.
  2. When enabled, if you equip a deadly weapon, your thrall equips the sword. When you equip a truncheon, your thrall equips their truncheon.

So it essentially knows when you are going to kill something and when you are trying to enslave it.

I say it could be optional, because sometimes I prefer to equip a deadly blade and leave the truncheon on them. So while I kill the trash thralls, they can be knocking out the better T3s or T4s.


It could be wonderful, presuming AI will be able to easy understand it without having to flag weapons.

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