Suggestion to have my follower equip his truncheon when I do

I would love to see a feature where my follower will switch between his weapon and truncheon based on my actions. If I swap to my Truncheon to knock out a thrall I’d like to see my follower do the same. Currently I end up running away and swapping his weapon then running back.



Run and swap is pretty much sop at this point. At least we can do that fairly consistently. Back in the day just accessing you’re thralls inventory was a near guaranteed way of bugging them out. It’s taken them this long to get a working weapon swap system right. I don’t think messing with that would be a good thing right now lol :joy:

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An alternative would be to have the thrall AI check it’s inventory. If there’s a truncheon, and their target is a human, then use it; for all other things, use the weapon of choice based on their preference (melee vs. ranged). No truncheon in their inventory, standard behavior as usual, of course.

Simple, and should be somewhat easier to code than having the system check to see what you have equipped at any particular time (and it allows your thrall to give the beatings while you have a “conversation” with their friends, so you wouldn’t need a truncheon equipped yourself).

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It would be helpful I doubt our favorite thralls will ever be that smart unfortunately. I will sometimes run off to make a swap and they are stuck and have to be to a different location and it’s too late.

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