Truncheon + Melee weapon

Single player - no mods
Testlive - 04.04.2020

Putting a melee weapon and a truncheon in thrall follower inventory results in constant swapping back in forth between weapons.

Thank you for pointing this out Exiled1.

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I feel compelled to point out a few things without detracting from the OP’s report.

The setting involved is prioritize melee or ranged and I can’t find any way to prioritize 1 melee over another melee weapon in the interface, although it would be nice. Obviously, during a humanoid purge, commanding a thrall to use a truncheon (if target = +20% larger) and a sharp sword if not, would be great, but involves a lot of added and modified code.

The same swap behavior has been reported multiple times on live and the workaround (?) is to never put more than one melee weapon in the thrall’s inventory. The AI gets confused; heck, so do I.

Currently, we are able to swap a thrall’s weapon, and that would be my interim process, given the target.

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The option to use “non lethal” would be awesome. The ability to have a thrall with a lethal weapon and truncheon in their inventory at the same time with the function of prioritizing one over the other would be game changing.

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Use of “non lethal - humanoid only” would be awesome. There’s no reason for a thrall to use a truncheon on an animal.

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