Thrall Weapon Locking

Would it be possible to add a check box next to the main hand and offhand box that would lock that weapon or shield into place so thralls can carry multiple weapons?

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I don’t think it is bad as a temporary solution.

I know as it stands now on testlive many people are going to want to, at a minimum, put a weapon and a truncheon in their thrall inventory; and they will get irritated watching their thrall juggle between the two weapons as it tries to fight a wolf.

I think the more ideal solution would be the thrall to choose 1 melee weapon and 1 ranged weapon at random from its inventory when it initiates combat. The follower should only try to use the choices it made for melee and ranged at the beginning of combat for that fight unless the player manually forces a different weapon into their hands during combat at which time the follower would update its melee/ranged choice weapon to the forced one during that combat.
After the thrall exits combat mode it would randomly choose a new choice weapon for melee and ranged when a new fight starts.

You said “the thrall to choose …” - I do not want the Thrall to choose, I want it to do what I tell it to do.
You used the term “randomly choose” - again same as above. I want the option for force the thrall to do what I tell it to do, removing AI decision making and “random” choices being made.

The check box gives me the option to play it both ways. Either absolute obedience of weapon choices (like when following) vs AI decision making when it is on general guard duty.

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