Thrall keeps switching weapons mid fight

A thrall I have as my current follower keeps switching from the truncheon, which I placed in weapon slot, to his axe.

He’ll start out using truncheon like normal, but will randomly equip his axe.

Another thrall I use never does this.

If I place a weapon in their weapon slot, they use that weapon until I manually switch to another weapon.

They both have the same tatic etc settings.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

I’m on PS5, pve, official server.

Thanks in advance.

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I would never let a thrall have a weapon in their inventory if going out knock out NPC,S. Putting a item on there person is unreliable just like attempting to carrying a torch


Thrall’s brain is mush.
Only give them items you want them to use at that time. Otherwise, out comes the axe against named Crafters, and out comes the truncheon for undead.


An ability (preferably hotkeyable) to tell a thrall to ‘use blunt weapon’ or ‘use deadly force’ would be totally amazing.

Or (better), make it more generic, give them two dedicated weapon slots and a command to switch between them. Thrall wouldn’t have to try and guess what qualifies as a blunt weapon, player can do that.


Better Thralls mod actually does it really well. Whenever you as the player switch weapons the follower(s) switch as well depending on whether you switch to concussive or lethal.

I’ve been trusting and let them keep both weapons and so far it’s been quite okay, there was a single incident where I switched my weapon while they were already swinging… my fault… but the poor crafter thrall paid the price :joy:

Something like that would also be nice as a native feature, though the sad part is it only works while they’re following you and afterwards they revert back to being weird… I caught them beating on the pack of wolves purge with truncheons… so ever since that I’m collecting baseball bats during purge preparation if I don’t intend to catch anything :smiley:

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