Two-Handed Truncheons

Since thrall AI is apt to take a long time to get optimal, I’ve got a suggestion for a work around: Please add 2-handed truncheons, so that our thralls don’t bug-out when we swap out a 2-handed weapon for a trunch & back.

Tagging @Born2bAlive & @Aria_of_Sorrow since their debate brought up the need to such a solution:

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As long as it has the two-handed sword move set, I would like to see it.

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Yeah, I’m thinking the 2-hand hammer animation (possibly limited to 4-swings for balance reasons) would make the most sense.

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No thanks.

You are one fickle bastard. :stuck_out_tongue:

I likes what I like.

I support your request @Larathiel if it will be a new weapon and not a change to an already existing weapon just to have a new truncheon.

Honestly however, in my experience, the best way to have a workaround on the thrall AI problem is not to have a 2h truncheon, but to capture a 2h specialized thrall to use it as follower for boss fights and a 1h specialized thrall to use it as follower for capturing thralls never switching their weapons at all.

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Well that’s what I generally do, but sometimes when you’re out adventuring, you end up coming across something unexpected and too good to pass up, so you have to make do with what you’ve got. I’d wager that’s why so many people complain.

Yes the AI is passable if we commit to a single task and don’t deviate (i.e. clearing UC, running a dungeon, thrall hunting). Yet if we play in a more “organic” fashion (i.e. out exploring, slaying what gets in our way, then finding a T4 crafter the gods placed before us), then we end up with either a dead crafter or an inert follower.

Also, the thralls’ inability to swap weapons intelligently is a big reason for the annoyance of visiting Sepermeru or New Asagarth and finding all the T1s and T2s KO’d. The thralls can’t be trusted to switch weapons, and so their owner just resorted to sticking with a truncheon on Dalinsia for the whole run. However that’s a bit of a separate issue from why a 2-handed truncheon would be a welcome addition… :sweat_smile:


Tried knock out kits on low damage spears? Or even hammers?

Yes, and my followers still end up killing NPCs. They’re too swole for their own good! :grimacing:

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