Truncheons vs regular weapon + general AI stuff

Dear Funcom,

I love and enjoy this game but there are things what needs balancing regarding time to kill / time to knock dow. Dunno if this bug or intentional but…

Right now using truncheon deals with AI 3-4 time quicker than standart sword

Let’s take this comparsion

T3 nordheimer fighter
Flawless steel two handed sword (39 dmg) - about 11 -18 hits
Steel truncheon - about 5 hits!

For T1 you can knock them down with just one hit and that’s not all - You can take basic truncheon and knock T3 fighter with basicly same amout of hits (can’t damage them with stone weapons btw)

basicly same goes for tamed thralls - you can storm enemy base - knock out enemy thrals and call it a win.

So please try balance this out imho - weapon compared to truncheon should be more efficient.

Please also consider thrals / pets being active outside of raid window - otherwise they are just nice decorations doing nothing.

And on AI side note - it’s just horrible in general. This stuff needs major rework - When AI can’t hit you it teleports in fron of you and other shenenigans. It is also dumb as hell getting suck / loosing agro out of nowhere.

  • corpse disapearing bug is still there :wink:
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I see where you are coming from, for instance, the easiest way to deal with cimmerians is beating their ■■■■■ with steel truncheons, and then killing them.

I don’t think its right, would suggest to make volcano/cimmerians T1 to T3 as hard to knock as tier 4.

Main problem is that it seems like - at least for me (tho i need more testing) that it doesn’t matter what truncheon you have and you are basicly safe to go even for volcano and you get them down with it soo much quicker than any reasonable weapon

Even T4 thralls are so easier to get down with truncheon

but it just doesn’t seen right that you are able to take even T1 mob on 1-2 hits from truncheon when regular weapon takes soooo much longer

This isn’t always the case. Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are much easier to kill than knock out.

Personally, I think knocking thralls out and killing them should be approximately equal.

Realistically, killing someone with a sharp and pointy weapon actually would be easier than knocking them out with a flanged mace, but for game balance, I still think they should be equal.

I agree that it should be at least equal with time ti kill

also tier of truncheon should matter for each race/nation - right now it doesn’t


what should be the balancing factor in your opinion on this? Do you guys think same as me that sword / hammer or any other weapon should be way more effective to get them down rather just one small mace?

i think that knock resistance should be tied to thier race and region, not ranks.

A t4 cannibal brute (300 hp, darfari, weak) takes the same time to knock as a cimmerian berserker (forgotten tribe, 1k hp, strong af). That’s the problem.

You can’t knock out other players thralls btw, they took that feature out long ago. I wouldn’t want my thralls fighting outside of pvp hours because that would mean someone could come to my base at 4am in the morning, kill my thralls and I couldn’t do a single thing about it.

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