Thrall Knockout redux?


Did they change something? I just had a tier 1 exile fighter with freaking stone daggers kill one of my thralls in medium armor and almost kill the other one.

I could leave one and not even worry about him getting killed a few patches ago and now I apparently have to babysit my thralls, against the AI, if they don’t have a 4-1 advantage?!

When AI goes up against AI…

Just wait until the AI become self-aware… We will be doomed…

But seriously, I have noticed the AI is a bit more advanced (from certain perspectives). I witnessed a tier 4 get owned by another tier 4 due to weapon advantage. A trunchion does not have great advantage without a shield.

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I did give them both iron targes, maybe I just got used to higher tier truncheons because I only had the T1 at that point.

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