Thralls do not use weapons correctly

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Thralls seem to have problem to use weapons correctly. For example my level III thrall uses sword normally, however spear, axe, mace causes him brain damage apparently. He only uses first light attack with 2-3 second interval. Does not use heavy attacks or combos. Is it intentional? Im using the “Relic Hunter Slavetaker III”

yea i think there is something flaky. i gave my t4 fighter a truncheon and he would wield it in his hand in a fight but never actually swing it. i swapped in a sword and back to a truncheon and eventually he started actually attacking again.

Yeah, and items are disappearing from their inventory even tho its there. Gave him a shield, it disappeared.

Had this case sometimes with some thralls.
They seems clearly prefer the weapon they come with, so mostly i avoid giving them a complet different one. Just mostly give them a better version.
If one comes with a sword, i give him still a sword, just a good one. Same for other weapons, mostly this works fine.

I tested yesterday with the sword of Crom, that worked fine with my berserker. But mostly i have to attack first, then they enter the fight. If i take only a hit, they may just stand and look. But when i hit the ennemis, they fight.

Have to redo some truncheons test again. Of course, i use the also for that often. Works often very fine.

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