Treasure Seeker Fighters - Best Gear

Hi guys.

What is, in your experience, the best weapons for these dudes ?
I’ve equipped a 1H Axe to one of them, but it was really useless: it just hit once (1 times) and then stopped, even worse than a Bearer !

Then I gave him a 2H sword and things seemed to go better, with him hitting 2-3 times with each combo before stopping.

But I think he can do even better with other weapons, maybe 2H spears …

The best weapon for any thralls is one from the same category than the one they have in their inventory when they came out of the wheel. For example dancers have daggers, so you can give them any kind of daggers including the Whirlwind Blades or Havoc and Malice.

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@Wolfrider4594 is correct in practice. Thralls used to be in a condition where they appeared to have a weapon preference. Later it was determined thralls can become stuck when they are switched between weapon types during two specific states: guarding and aggression. In other words, if you swap a thrall from daggers (2-handed) to a mace (1-handed), they may malfunction. Therefore it is best practice to keep a thrall with his preferred weapon type, to avoid any conflict.

To resolve the non-responsive thrall, take him someplace safe, and place him in park. Hit Take All – weps, inventory, armor. Lure over a soft enemy, and kick the enemy in the thrall’s presence. Once he starts fighting again, equip the weapon you want on his nude body. He should fight normally with the intended weapon. If not, leave it in his inventory, and after the server reboot, his first aggro should trigger his normal use of the intended weapon. Feedback if that’s not the case, please.

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Minor feedback /something to consider.

I believe proximity to enemies plays a role in the bugged thrall conundrum.

Weapon swapping issues only seems to happen AFTER you find an Npc and were recently engaged in fights and when you encounter that t4 you want… you swap weapons.

Swapping weapons before you begin fighting never seems to have as many issues with weapons. It occurs after the recent aggro or nearby npc is found.


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