Best weapon for follower thrall?

What is the best weapon for my follower thrall?

your best set of daggers for most and a 2H if you’re going to to fight skeles. upgrade daggers as you go. I use sword and shield get the aggro and let my thrall nuke them. Ill have a bow w/ healing arrows on my hot bar as well for emergencies.

My thrall now has Act of violence. But it gets nerfed. Should I stay with this or is an other weapon better? Maybe sword of crom?

The question is, how high the nerf will be…

Also used Act of violence… Will see what I use tonight. Before that I used most of the time 1h-black-ice broadsword. Also on the thrall. This was my “mixed” thrall, where I could swap his weapon with a truncheon.

For boss killing only, I had BoA or Annihilator (but on a different thrall).

Telith, because you can get it at level 55 and it takes a good deal of playing and luck to find anything better.

The “kick” move / control move of Telith is a mighty swing, so your follower will not “use his brain” on kicks or trying to “skillfully leave the fight to you”.

The exact same category of weapon than the one the thrall had when he / she get out of the wheel of pain. Because the best weapon for a thrall is the one they’ll use to fight each time you need him / her to. And not the many others they hold in their hands looking at it, wondering what’s its purpose while not fighting at all until you manage for them to be hit.
If it didn’t change with the new patch, that’s the way to go for your fighting thralls.


You mean, if the thrall had a 1H sword, it’s the best to give him a sword? A better sword of course.

Yes. And a shield too for thralls with a 1h weapon. Thralls don’t dodge but they use their shield to parry.
The worst problem with fighting thralls in CE is their passivity in combat. I noticed that giving them their weapon of choice, the one they had when they came out of the wheel, eliminates this passivity. Once your character aggro a creature, or more than one, the thrall fights immediately. With another weapon it’s the lottery but most of the time the thrall doesn’t start fighting before receiving damages, by you or the creature it doesn’t matter who delivers the damages.
When I bring a thrall with me I want him / her to fight and not stay idle. So, no sword of Crom meta for me but the best quality of their weapon of choice I can craft. I prefer to keep the Legendary weapons for myself.


I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

Category as in, 1h sword you give them 1h sword but say 1h mace doesn’t work?

Having a lot of problems with followers right now

They can use ALL weapon… Please dont let people confuse you.

Some people tend to give the same type of weapon, a thrall comes… I never did it and I use 1h and 2h just fine.

There is a problem when switching weapno types (1h to 2h). Best tutorial to fix that was made by @Wak4863

PS.: The best weapon is the best you have… Dmg wise would be Sword of Crom, Blade of Adventurer or Teliths sorrow good.
If you play against other humans (or make the warmaker dungeon), you need high AP. So probably Yogs touch. Until you have sth, just craft Dragonbone 2h or sth like that.


Yes. That’s what I meant.
I haven’t tested it since the last patch was online, so it might have changed.

No you need a thrall who fights as soon as you aggro someone / something. The highest AP in the game is useless if your thrall stay idle. And a thrall who doesn’t fight doesn’t do any damage even with a sword of Crom.

I tried giving my thrall daggers and they just backflip over and over and rarely attack compared to a 2h but this was before the patch. Anyone else have this problem?

With the current patch Dacias or Dalinsia are both rather lazy… Sometimes I need some beatings until they decide to help me :smiley:

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Yeah, I always had this problem with dagger-armed thralls. Luckily, any thrall who knows how to fight with daggers also seems to know how to swing a two-handed sword or a pike, so I’ve swapped all my dancers’ daggers for Zweihanders or pikes instead. Every thrall I’ve tested with daggers just loves backflipping too flippin’ much.

Telith’s Sorrow is not only a very powerful weapon, but it looks really good, too. It’s a pain to mass produce, though. For your one-handed needs, Black Ice Broadsword is an excellent choice in a thrall’s hands.

And now that thralls can benefit from stat bonuses, a legendary weapon with a solid stat boost such as Bane of Khosatral Khel (+5 Strength) should also be quite effective.

Yeah, I might have a reason to give my thralls something other than the Sword of Crom

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