What is the current “best” thrall weapon

This discussion is for best melee thrall weapon in Isle of Siptah in particular.

I know a couple things to be true:

  • Giving your thralls poison / bleed weapons are basically top notch if you are not going to apply them yourself.
  • Maces in particular have an incredible move set for thralls
  • Two handed swords and widely popular due to damage and AoE. Also a pretty good move set.
  • Crafted weapons are king, as a Bladesmith T4 armorer is giving you so much extra damage.

What I’m struggling to find is a video specifically referring to the best weapon for thralls since the most recent update. Most the videos and information I find are either related to exiled lands or before a large amount of weapon changes.

I know crafted weapons are king but I’m having a lot of success with the Ghoulish Club.

Only one opponent takes damage from the mace. And a thrall often has to fight several. Therefore, I prefer to give slaves two-handed swords.
In general, the best weapon for a thrall will be the one that deals more damage, and with which he performs a full combo.

My weapons I gave to thralls:

  • ghoulish blade/club
  • venomdrenched gladius
  • festering one
  • grey one greatsword
  • night light
  • gravebane

My dancers have the grey one daggers and venom-infused daggers.

I use the thralls with one handed for bossing mainly, because maces do little damage if they can not combo the hits. And with mobbing, they get interrupted pretty often.
I give them (who uses one handed stuff) shields too that adds extra points to agility let’s say (scorpion ward), because I noticed their shield-handling is not that terrible nowadays.

I think it depends. Thralls used if PVP for base defense would be different for PVE boss fighting and different again from Purge defense.

When I take a fighter thrall into a vault where only one hard enemy is attacking at a time I give them the Wolf Axe with 96dmg and 10 penetration. When in a vault with 4 to 6 squishier enemies attacking at once I give them the Wolf Great Sword with 76dmg and 28 penetration. When I’m using them to fight highly lethal overland bosses I give them a 27dmg bow with 10 or more penetration, and 200 starmetal arrows. When I use them to konk and capture other potential thralls I give then Love Tap or a steel truncheon. And I haven’t played PVP or even PVE-C enough to know anything about what works in situations against invading human clans.

For purge defense I think it’s a combination of weapon and placement with placement being the most important. On the previous PVP server I was in there were gates on three sides with fences outside for choke point funneling and palisades to protect those fences. The fighter thralls formed a V shape - one flank on either side of the double-door gate and stacked back from one another the same difference as their attack distance setting at 5m, 10m, 15m, 25m, and 50m (or whatever it is) so that pretty much the entire V formation moved at once yet didn’t choke the gateway getting out. Then there were archers all along the top of those gated walls set to attack at 50m but not to move. That was before FC saw fit to give purge mobs so many bombs, and it worked pretty well.

Currently (with all the bombs) purge defense tactics have changed and become more complex. One thing seems to hold true though - and that is that T3 fighters of any race are all that’s needed - especially if they’re all at level 10 or higher. In a purge battle there doesn’t seem to be much difference between T3 and T4 thralls. Maybe even T2 if they are lvl 20 with good settings (haven’t tested that). And some T4 fighters and archers are actually squishier than T3s. Go figure…


What does the Nightlight do?

I actually forgot I crafted my thrall the Fiend Bome Great Sword which is 59 base damage with +5 strength. Night light shows on the wiki as 42 base damage, I’m assuming it ha a special effect to offset it.

Also - why the venomdrenched gladius over the Voidforge Gladius. Voidforge has more base damage and still applies the poison effect.

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This should be checked, it should not be so. T1-3 warriors have multipliers equal to 1, as far as I understand, while named thralls have higher.
I currently use the top warriors of the AoC mod, they have an accuracy multiplier of 6.4. If the bow is good, they can kill with one shot.

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I think it has been yeah… And it’s been referred to and acknowledged here on the forum to my knowledge as well. It’s not all… I said or meant to say, “some…”… And it’s become most obvious to me during purge events. If you have six T3 fighters whacking on 3 or 4 purge soldiers the purge guys die in 15 or 20 seconds and the T3 fighters are back to 100% before they encounter the next next 3 or 4 purge soldiers. With six of the weaker T4 fighters it’s pretty much identical. And even with the strongest T4 fighters the difference is only that it takes them 3 or 4 seconds less time to cut through the waves. A barbarian mode server might be different, I dunno, I haven’t tried.

The wiki shows the regular version, the epic one does a lot more, which I don’t remember how much exactly. But it glows red!! And has undead bane effect, just like the gravebane.

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Again, depending on which T4. In Tugra, melee (1,4) does not differ much from 1, it will not be noticeable in battle. But if you have an Arena Champion in your thralls (I had one), you will notice the difference right away (melee about 5). That is, having a berserker, Dalinsia or Erii is still better than T3.


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