Thrills not Fighting

Do thrones have to be equipped specially fighters for something special or a particular weapon to start fighting

Thrones don’t fight, but they do play games. They just end badly, usually after about eight seasons or so.


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A.I is still a little wonky, sometimes mine fights, sometimes it just stands there watching me take a beating.

Thralls SHOULD:

  1. Attack other players not in your clan or AI when guarding
  2. Attack what you attack or attack what damages you when following

This is why hate voice to text sometimes doing stuff fast makes stupid mistakes that was Thrall and which weapon should you give them

When you get a fighter Thrall, open his inventory and look at the weapon they already have there. Is it a club, replace it with a better mace, sword with a better sword, etc etc. Some may already have a reasonable good steel sword, but many walk around with stone weapons. Replace those - but with one from the same category because that weapon in their inventory is their preferred weapon. And then get your thrall some nifty new gear, preferably medium or heavy.
Same for any archer you might have; just don’t change their bows - only nook better arrows on their bows.

I’ve learned this the hard way: if your thrall prefers a sword but you give him a pike, they will just stand there while you’re getting slaughtered because the AI tends to be a bit… stupid often. The ‘best’ moments are when they start fighting AFTER the fighting is done… sighs…

Isn’t this a bit of an urban legend, perpetuated by confirmation bias and a semi-broken AI?

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I’ve heard from other players that some don’t have this problem at all while others have (including yours truly) so it’s absolutely worth keeping it in mind. Another tip I’ve read was to attack an enemy or animal and then move behind your thrall which prompts them to help you.

I believe this may have been the case for a very short period in between patches where feeding system was changed. And it may be a good habit to practice if the changes are brought back and AI changes hold. But this is the result of a closed door preventing us from knowing too much about thralls.

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