Thralls stop fighting as changing weapons

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [USA Official Server]

I swap weapons out on thrall to a thumper to help knock out a thrall and or change to a better weapon and the thrall basic says screw you and stop help fighting.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Had thrall with 1 handed axe fight 100% support
  2. Change thrall to thumper to capture another thrall helps so so depends on thrall
  3. put axe back in thrall and no longer assist in fighting.
  4. or change from axe to hammer and back does not support like before.

Suggestion a color dot system on thrall menu for weapons, Green, Yellow, Red if thrall did not like weapon it Red just like if talking to thrall. If thrall likes weapon Green and Yellow can be ok weapon ok but not what I like or an acceptable low end weapons or even a thumper. So you could see if a fighter spec better towards a 1 or 2 handed axe, hammer, sword etc. So if you handed a fighter daggers should see RED Dot or Hope get idea as thinking help better spec out thralls…

This is a bug that has existed forever. It’s not about them not preferring a particular type of weapon. It’s they get “confused” when weapons change to a different type (i.e.: two-handed to one-handed/shield or daggers, etc.) Sometimes you can get them to reset by telling them to guard, then choosing another thrall to follow you and moving far away from them (like teleporting to another region). But the only guaranteed fix I’ve found for a thrall who’s in this broken state is to restart the game (single player) or restart the server.

It’s not really a fix, of course, but what I’ve done is simply designated a single thrall as my “slaver” in heavy armor and all he ever wields is a truncheon. If I go thrall hunting, he comes along. Otherwise, he hangs out back at the keep with the dancers, getting drunk.

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