Thralls not attacking normally

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: US

There’s an issue with Thralls not attacking when attacked or when I attack something and they’re set to follow me. However, this only seems to be an issue with Spears. The iron spear, specifically. When I equipped my thrall with one, she never used it. When I set her back to sword and shield, everything worked normally. Did not test to see if this is all two-handed weapons or just the spear, also did not test other spears.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip thrall with iron spear.
  2. Do something which would normally get them to attack something.
  3. Watch as they take the weapon out and do nothing but stand menacingly in front of the enemy.

Others have found that thralls appear to have preferred weapon sets.
So if they come off the wheel with a one handed weapon and shield then they fight with that set effectively. But if you gave them another such as spear or two-handed then they might not fight or maybe not do combos.
This has been found out by trying them out with different weapons as there is no obvious way for us to know this.

Well that can’t be it either, let me break this down.
I took thrall number one, a Fighter III who started with a stone spear she never had issues using it. Later I removed her stone spear and gave her my leftover sword and shield after I upgraded and left her to guard an area.
Later I took thrall number two, another Fighter III who used a sword and a shield, and figured she might be better off with an iron spear so I gave that to her. She never used it and eventually she got destroyed by a shaleback king (f) so its back to thrall number one.
Gave thrall number one the iron spear, the same weapon type she started with, and she once again didn’t use it. Took it away, gave her back the sword and shield, and she used it just fine again.
So maybe its iron spear specifically since she was using the stone before, or maybe no spears work now for whatever reason.

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