Thralls not attacking: the new feature?

A couple of days ago I was about to post about Thralls not attacking after patch, but found a lot of posts about it already.
I thought it was a bug but starting to believe it’s a new undocumented feature.
I have a tier II warrior who was captured with 1H sword and shield.
Gave him 2H iron pike and he just wielded it and didn’t attack.
I thought it was the tier of the weapon so I gave him 2H stone hammer, stone pike, iron pike and a club. He just kept switching them and didn’t attack, not once. I gave him back his original weapons and cleared a whole village!
I’m starting to believe it’s supposed to work like that from now on, and makes sense to have warriors tied to a kind of weapons.
Anyone else have successfully make Thralls attack?

I am on Xbox but experience the same, thralls often do not attack but jumping around stupidly. before i could go with my thrall and make knock knock. Now - when the thrall attacks it needs much much longer to make the target unconscious. something is broken from my point of view.

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I’ve done some experimenting on the “new” thrall attack patterns, or apparent lack of them. Before the patch, a thrall would use whichever weapon type (one-handed or two-handed) they were born with effectively, and would suck with the other weapon type. Now, they either fight well with everything, or don’t fight at all.

Previously, only fighter thralls would do full combos, whereas archers and bearers would attack only once, pause, and start over. Now I’ve seen archer and bearer thralls do full combos, too.

I have a working theory that I need to test further, but I do intend to find the pattern so we can determine whether it’s a bug or a feature and whether it needs fixing.


Hey Wonka! Seen you around, never had a chance to introduce myself, love the Av. :sun_with_face:

I have a testing version of Dalinsia Snowhunter who has persisted for a few months now. Through it all, she loves a strong 1-handed sword. I went to the Scourge so I could make her her own Lament, for instance. If you give her my best knives, she spends a great deal of time flipping around and getting murdered.

The best thing to do is to test him vs the same high-value target that yields a key. Build a camp near a boss, for example. If he can’t handle a key-keeper, the general rule is he won’t hold his own vs a human player. Keep Healing Arrows on you to support him. Good luck!

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Hey there! Where are you playing?

I kick around on a couple of official servers, but don’t really have a home yet. I’ve also hit up a few private servers but there are usually a few too many rules. Right now intrigued by the idea of maybe becoming a Solo Sabot in this initiative: Alphas and their responsibility.

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Any official information regarding this issue?
I’m gettting tired of watching my thralls watching me getting kicked :sweat:

You do something to upset them? :smiley:

Maybe it’s a silent protest and they formed a union :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really need to know if that’s a new feature and just look for the weapons they need.
None of the workarounds are solid, they all work sometimes.

Edit: I’ve fed them favorite food, let mobs attack me, let mobs attack them, even learnt the belly dance to entertain them, nothing seems to work sometimes.

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