Thralls doing nothing

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Fix the tralls. Sometimes they attack generally they just stand around. The regular enemies have no issues attacking why does my thrall stand there with its weapon out and just follow the enemies around?? This is using the weapon they were broken with.

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Try removing there headgear … for some reason this can make them want to fight again

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Hello @Adenasyn, welcome to the community!

Our team is aware of the issues that the thralls sometime have in getting new targets and is looking into it.

Did you provide any other equipment to them, such as armor?

It happens for me as well, typically when switching weapons they have, If i were to give one a spear then switch it out with a greatsword they wouldnt attack at all as if the AI set for their targetting and attacking process breaks, So any weapon given to them after this happens even the same weapon type they start out having they are unable to use but taking their weapon away and having them attack unarmed then giving them their weapon back while theyre attacking with their fists sometimes tricks the AI and has them use their weapons again

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