Thrall doing 1 swing only

if your thrall is not being equiped with the original weapon “type” they will just swing once instead of any combo, forever. i saw people posting about this already on steam… i tried to search for this in the forums but didnt see any. cheers!

I don’t even think it relates to them only want to use combo’s with original weapons, today I put down an accursed T3 fighter, she came with a 2 handed starmetal sword, I let her keep it, and still she mostly do only one swing with the sword, and she also take very long pauses between attacks, heck I can kill anything 5-6 times faster than she can with same weapon lol

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really? i guess i;ll need to do more testing, its annoying when its a t4 thrall though, they basically end up being useless, i had an aesir warrior bug out on me with that bs, so i swapped to an accursed zerker instead, kinda sad as the aesir warrior had way better stats

You have to check some weapons… It seems the thralls have 1 “profession” you have to find. So some are good with 1h sword, others 2handed sword, others with 1handed club… I found for everyone so far his “profession” but it seems to a degree what he used, to an other degree it is RNG it seems.

Might be perhaps also that thralls are often like nothing. You get a T3 “fighter” with 0 strength and 20 perception… maybe he just don’t have the strength and endurance to make combos… Thralls you find at least on Siptah are totally misskilled mostly…

so why are they spawned with 2h if their profession is wrong… and before we knocked them out they seemed to beat me up with the 2h fine… lol

Idk. But as they mostly have after being on the the wheel of pain not their original weapon nor their armor, maybe it is some RNG determined on the wheel. Why have many T3/T4 fighters after the wheel strength of 0 and perception 20…? (Siptah) I simply don’t know, I guess drunk programmers… Most fighters I take from the wheel are so weak they can’t even hold a weapon… before they fought like berzerks… I guess it is bugged like hell. The only guy who is pretty stable is LIAN of Lian’s tower in exiles and the cimmerian berzerks mostly. Others behave mostly crazy or totally RNG after comming from the wheel. In fact beneath Lian only the cimmerians/cursed (Siptah), some on the volcano and some relic hunters seem good fighters, rest you can throw away most of the time. And ieven those are sometimes bugged/deskilled. This is at least my experience… I think that the complete attribute skills system of the NPCs given after wheel of pain are somehow bugged. As I said in Siptah the fighters have mostly 0-2 !! Strength but perfect bow attributes, though they were fighters…

i think before the last patch i have never experienced this with any of the thralls though, thats the thing haha

seems it resorted back to once it what was, if you got a thrall with low str its not gonna use a melee weapon correctly i notice back then, and now i seen that its returned… like yes some of the thrall tame out with the weapon you would think they suppose to use but look at it stats… if it is low str, it shouldn’t be having a hammer or pike, and great sword… if your thrall kicks then the weapon in its hand he cannot use correctly. its a old bug that seemed to came back…

weird, i think great axe has a kick as part of its few different combos lol, but i see… hope this isnt intentional

I noticed since 2.3 thralls are killer with the Katana. I’ve got mine using Curved Slayer legendary. It works great. Seeing full combos and (I don’t want to say it) “smart” use of the heavy attack. Only issue is that they occasionally bug out and get stuck in the holding position of it. Getting hit will free them or unequipping it in their inventory.

Other than that is really good to use.

I don’t actually think they are coded to have a profession and thereby a specific weapon though I don’t deny other people’s findings either. I just think it might be inconsistent A.I. But that’s just my opinion. My current play through is a cave dwelling scavenger so I rescued a few prisoners ( all level 1) and I noticed that they also only did the first swing of a long sword/ shield combo and short swords are all but useless in their hands.

I thought for awhile that the level of the thrall might contribute to their skill with a weapon and that would be great for immersion. But I can’t prove it. I eventually found a Deidre DeathBringer from a rescue cage and she is awesome with the Katana. Seems to have the ability to compete full combos whereas my level ones could only get about two hits.

Yeah, I noticed this too recently. It didn’t manifest itself in my experience till the last few nights.

Didn’t really have an issue with the followers not doing combos, but since the patch, any NEW followers seem to not do combos and pause in combat for long periods of time. I freed a T3 Nordhiemer Bearer and armed her with the same weapon type she came with and she stinks. She is almost more of a spectator and one swing only. I put her aside till we figure out what is up.


Problem is that the switching between 1 and 2 handed weapon for fighters seems not to be working for everyone, I’ve tried all the different types of weapons in the hand of my fighter thralls and they don’t do combo’s at all, they swing the weapon once and then take a break while being hit several times before they decide to take another swing, and I am most likely getting a purge tonight in base just outside the middle acursed cimmerian city, imagine storm creatures mixed with a purge + thralls that don’t work properly :cold_face:

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i tried, it doesnt work btw

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