Thralls don't attack correctly

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

Some t4 thralls like Onis and Cimmerian berserks only perform 1 attack if they start with a heavy attack but if they start with the light attack they finish the whole combo. And there’s more, other t4 fighters like the aesir warrior only performs 2 attacks and suddenly stops attacking, staring at his enemy like a statue? Also keep in mind that those are just specific cases I’m naming, but there are tons of cases with t1, t2 and t3 different fighters that they either stop attacking or can’t continue a combo.

Expected Behavior:

Finish your attack set, if I give you a two-handed sword it’s not because I only like the 2 first heavy or light attacks.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get a random thrall by any way (slaving, saving or buying)
  2. Give him any weapon.
  3. Send him to attack a NPC.
  4. Stare at how the thrall doesn’t finish the combo.
  5. Your thrall won’t attack correctly and the NPC will perform a perfect combo without even sweating.
  6. XD

Hey @Hellghost500

What weapons exactly are those thralls using when struggling to combo correctly?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a similar issue with my Accursed Berserker. Light attacks usually combo ok, but will heavey attack one and done.
Mind you, he just leveled up and got marksman, so maybe he just has no talent for melee combat.

In all seriousness, I’m playing on a private server, PvE, and this has come up with Greatswords that I have seen. Both Starmetal and Incarmine versions.
Not certain if it’s the same issue, but it has similar symptoms.

I recall a thrall fail to combo issue being previously mentioned, not certain if a fix was mentioned in the impending patch notes, I should just keep a copy of those handy.

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In my case it happened with the gray ones two-handed sword and that's why I reported but I did the testing and gave my Accursed Berserk every type of weapon and here are my results:

(All the testing was done with the gray ones set of weapons except the normal sword that was a star metal one)

  • Two-handed sword: The thrall seems to stop the combo if he starts with a heavy attavk
  • Two-handed hammer: The thrall seems to stop the combo if he starts with a heavy attack
  • Mace: If he starts with a heavy attack he will either continue with a light attack and stop attacking or he will stop attacking in the first heavy attack.
  • Two-handed axe: Lots of problems when doing a combo but I think it doesn’t matter since it’s going to be reworked.
  • One-handed axe: He attacks correctly, there’s no problem.
  • Spear: The thrall suddenly stops attacking when he starts with a heavy attack.
  • Katana: Surprisingly good performance.
  • Daggers: He attacks correctly, no problem at all.
  • Shortsword: He attacks correctly, no problem at all.
  • One-handed sword: The last heavy attack is never performed no matter if he starts with a light attack or a heavy attack
    Note: If you combine a shield with the One-handed sword or axe the combos will be done perfectly :ok_hand:
    *Note 2: I detailed one of the 2 possibilities on this report, the other one is nore damaging to the thrall combat system, Thralls like the t4 Aesir Warrior only performs 2 attacks no matter the weapon or the type of starter attack (heavy or light)."
    (I’m sorry for delaying my response so long but it took me a couple of hours to make this report)
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It all started with the animation tweaks in patch 2.3, or whenever was the first touch on that subject.
From observation, it kind of seems like “thinning out” (/deleting) some animations kind of broke the combos/characters. I assume that maybe in the past, each thrall had an access to all the available moves/combos, but now to “streamline” it, they somehow…uh, restricted the access of the thrall on it? I don’t know.

It seems that the “weapon the thrall comes up with at start - i.e., 1H or 2H” - is an indication as to which type should work for them. So, a CimBer should work ok with a 2H sword, but a Dalinsia will need a 1H weapon instead.

I understand your point, but this problem existed since actually when I first started the game like 2 years ago. The thralls certainly had problems attacking but it was worse than nowadays, I had a t4 bearer that only performed 1 attack per combo. A couple of patches after they realized and fixed it but not the whole problem, there was still certain thralls that couldn't do combos. My point is that this is not Siptah's fault, at least, not the whole fault belongs to 2.3, it's just a problem that wasn't never fully fixed and never took the attention that was needed.
I'd like to add that I have thralls that came with 1H and have the same issues that other thralls that came with a 2H to use 1H and viceversa. I don't really know why people still think that the weapon that they have when converted into a thrall have something to do with their stats and that kind of stuff. It's just a myth.

I’ve had and seen the same issue with pets not just thralls so I’m pretty sure it won’t matter in the slightest what weapon you give them if pets have the same issue and can’t use anything other that food to heal themselves.

Pretty sure this has already been said elsewhere but just in case… Right now for me in Siptah all aesir warriors and all warriors of jhebbal sag, even older ones acquired and set out long ago, will only do two combo steps at most with any weapon.

This is on pc btw.

Edit: Happens on all servers I’ve played on both official and private.

Thank you for the reply above , I really appreciate every response from your team , love you all team :+1: .
I can confirm problematic behaviour with the war axe . However i see great improvement to the 2 handed sword since 2.4 and Siptah release .
Keep up the good work

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