Thrall not doing combos anymore

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

My thrall has stopped doing combos since the 2.3 update, He just does a heavy attack and then stops for a few seconds. Originally he was using Hanuman’s Gada but when that didn’t work I tried a 1H axe 1H sword and 2H sword and it’s the same. With the 1H sword he does a 2 combo then stops. I’ve seen the knows issues and there’s something about “Followers are not finishing combos when their original weapon is switched.” I haven’t changed his weapon or anything before the issue showed up.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make thrall attack something after the update

Same issue as well and a pile more


so i had the same issue with my dalinsia, but i thought that was because of the sword of crom. havent played in a long time and i thought thralls cant use croms sword anymore. so was is just a bug like you described or are they just unable to do combos with croms sword anyway?

It’s doing the something with Beastmaster Teimos, doesn’t matter what weapon I out on him. he also gets hung up a lot, very irritating.

Thralls now have preferred weapons. These depend on what type of weapon is the original of each thrall. Those with one-handed weapons (i.e. Dalinsia, Lian, etc) will only do the full combo if you put a one-handed weapon on them. In the same way, those who use two-handed weapons (Teimos, Berserkers, etc.) should be given a two-handed weapon.

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I though this to be the case after some research. and even after some extensive testing, I’m still not getting a combo on any thrall with, or w/out preferred weapons.

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I tried literally every weapon on a relic hunter treasure seeker, and he wont do combos with any of them. I don’t think this is by design. It has to be a bug.

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Update 2.4 fixes the combo issue with many but not all thralls. RHTS swords wielders will still only do a 2 hit combo max. RHTS orb throwers will only do 1 attack. I haven’t checked the dagger wielder and the spear thrower yet. My 'zerkers and Dalinsia’s will do full combos with all weapons.

So what this means is that unfortunately console players are likely going to have to wait for the next update.

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Thank you very much for the info.

I did some extensive testing this weekend. If they came out of the wheel with a two handed weapon, I gave them two handed (swords. hammers), and they did just fine. One handed were the same way.

The breakdown worked liked this
Berserkers - 2H
Dalinsia - 1H
Nordheimer III - 2H
Stygian III - 1H
Relic Hunter TS - 1H
Named were all over the place, but the volcano thralls were basically 2H.

I took each one out and let them do their thing to see who would fight with what. Don’t switch weapons in the middle of a fight, but in between is ok.

Side Note: The truncheon didn’t matter. Everybody liked it.

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Thats weird.

For a example a beastmaster should use a 2handed weapon.

If i put a nortis on it, the combo doesnt finish.
But when i raid a enemy base wich haves a beastmaster with a mace, they combo will finish when guarding.

I’m not sure if they changed anything with the Sword of Crom but i think it’s just the bug since it’s seems like most weapons are affected.

Yep even with a “preferred weapon” they still don’t do full combos, the max I’ve got is with maces they do 3 combos. Pretty sad…

Thanks for the info, i was pretty sure Funcom we’re going to fix it with the next update… and that’s gonna be a long wait for it to come to consoles. So basically Relic Hunter TS are useless now :joy:

I have a question, so with the 2.4 update are thralls other than RHTS doing full combos, as in 5 combos like they used to?

I’m also having same issue. With my RHTS, named thrall and everything in between. My RHTS has really high accuracy, so I tried him with the bow. Nope. His rate of fire with that is also really slow.
My followers are now useless. As someone who can only really play single player, I’m kinda stuck not fighting any bosses now :unamused:

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Do you have a Beastmaster Teimos? If not try and get one, I went to go get one over the past few days and tried to get the best percentages for the stats i want on him. Took like 6 Beastmasters to get
a decent one , I’ve noticed he gets high percentages in accuracy and survival. He does full combos with two handed weapons, I’ve tested 2H hammers and 2H swords earlier today, he has better stats than my max lvl Relic Hunter.

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Hmm, nice. No, I don’t have one, but I’ll definitely look to get one. Don’t think I’ve even come across one before. Where do I find them? Are they in that animal tamer camp near the jungle pirate ship??

So far yes…but I am on siptah.

Ah, ok. I’m on ps5, so no Siptah for me :frowning: is the beast master available on the vanilla exiles map??

Yup, the animal tamer camp near the jungle pirate ship. Pretty easy to get him but travelling there is annoying. He shares a spawn point with a basic animal tamer i think it’s 50/50, But if he’s not there clear the camp and come back after like 15 minutes.

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