Dalinsia Snowhunter's two-handed combo

Hi everyone.
Recently I’ve noticed, that my Dalinsia, who uses the Sword of Crom, has lost her ability to use combo attacks with it. She just slicing horizontally from right to left with it. The same refers to other two-handed swords.
I ask developers to fix this bug as soon as it possible.
Sincerely Your’s.

Thank You for the answer.

Have you tried with any other greatswords? I had this exact issue with my Dalinsia, but it was only with the Sword of Crom, so I just gave her a different weapon.

I do have other thralls that have the bugged attack, but my Dalinsia’s issues were Crom’s fault.

Yes, but the same problem was while using star-metal greatsword and Telith’s Sorrow.

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