Thralls attacks bugs

I've been playing Conan Exiles for a very long time and I didn't say anything about this bug because I thought it was an actual feature to balance the game, but, after looking it objectively, it has no sense.
When I started playing, my very first thrall was, believe it or not, a t4 bearer called Rethrous, in that time, t4 bearers had more damage than t4 thralls and a base health of 10K, that's why I thought that when I watched him doing weird stuff like only hitting the first attack of each weapon combo, even if it was a light, heavy or special attack it was actually balance of the game. What I didn't make sense to me was that this "feature" was apparently "fixed" and the nerfed the damage of t4 bearers.
The next appearence of this bug was with t1 fighters. At least for me, it was logic that a less experienced warrior (t1) wasn't able to perform a complete combo like a t4 warrior so I simply didn't question it and thought it was just a weird way of showing the difference between tiers on fighter thralls.
But now this literally is absurd and dumb, why some t4 thralls like Onis and Cimmerian berserks only perform 1 attack if they start with a heavy attack but if they start with the light attack they finish the whole combo? And there's more, other t4 fighters like the aesir warrior only performs 2 attacks and suddenly stops attacking, staring at his enemy like a statue?
Finally I made up my mind in all this problem and I'm sure this is a bug, my only question is when it's going to be fixed? In the next update? Probably the next update to the next update? Or it's not going to be solved never? It's really annoying to level up thralls like this, pls, it's urgent.

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