Thralls don't want to fight

Hello, i’ve been testing this patch and see how does it affect to thralls in different levels and different weapons, it’s not a cientific method nor anything like that, just spawning thralls and different tiers of equipment agains some bosses, like giant crocodiles, UC Bosses, corrupeted wolfs, etc. and to many enemies at once.

I’ve seen there is a problem with thralls not fighting sometimes, i used to think they were bugged because of they being Knockback but sometimes they just choose to swing once and stop doing their combos, or they sheathe their weapons and stop attacking even with threats attacking them, others they just stand there not obeying orders to move, to attack or disengage ( this happens more after a teleport).

I’ve been very clear about my side on this subject of thrall balancing, but i think that if we are going to have weaker thralls we need to fix this lack of participation from their part, they die not because they have lower numbers, but because they don’t defend themselves or they just get bugged.

i just had a well equiped t1 exile dancer kill some UC bosses without much problem other than time consuming, but that’s another point.

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I heard that thralls sometime won’t fight if the weapon they are given isn’t from their race. Now I didn’t test if that’s the case but might be worth investigating.

Nope thats an old rumor.

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Even with the weapons they spawn with they get bugged, this needs to be fixed, with or without the thrall balancing.

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Usually how I fix this issue is by swapping their weapon for any other weapon then making them stand guard then swapping their weapon to the original and then making them follow me again.

just to clarify, this is not about the same bug that has been present for years, this is about feedback about the actual combat choices of the thralls.
· They don’t finish their combos
· They leave huge gaps in their defenses
· they seem to get bugged when fighting more than 1 enemy at once
· they sheathe weapons even while there are more enemis attacking them (not me)
· the only fix i’ve found is to set them to stand guard and is not always possible to do that due some NPCs or players claimed areas.
· They are not as agresive as the rest of the NPCs, they don’t stop fighting, thralls do.

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How to do that in warmakers dungeon on say arena boss? Constantly hitting hot key to attack doesn’t work, me running in and face pulling doesn’t work. It like a puppy running back for praise and attention when I need it to grab aggro. Lol

well was the issue happening before you went inside or only when you are inside the dungeon? If it is only inside then its a dungeon bug if it was happening in the open world then its a bigger issue which it currently is.

It happens alot, that work around posted is great and all, but not when your trying to live and the thrall is on a labor strike. No good.


What I found out at live:
. a 1h-mace performs way better than 1h-axe (for thralls). WIth the 1h-axe, they always want to get to a certain center point, which they often cannot reach becuase they get attacked.

. Currently I am leveling up a T4 bearer and 90% of the time, she puts out her weapon and does nothing. Yesterday I watched her a little bit. 2 NA people fought against her. She needed heckin 2minutes until she hit 1 time with an 1h-axe.
A cimmerian berseker killed me (I gave my thrall the Lovetap), while I tried to knock out the zerker.
The thrall did absolutely NOTHING. Well, not nothing… She equips the weapon, everytime I get hit and then does nothing.
And when I came back, the Zerker whopped her ■■■ and my bearer just didnt care.

Same with Spider demon queen… Mostly she looked at the queens ■■■, while I choped her to death. But its a T4 bearer… I think their dmg output is on player level or even lower.


I have code named this boomeranging. I throw the thrall out and it comes right back to me. Me and a clan mate have superstitions about what causes it.

I think it has something to do with it getting the horse AI somehow sometimes because it literally follows me just like my horse (which is also way too close).

Somethings we do to fix it sometimes. Unequip their weapon let them swing then give the weapon back to them. Pull the weapon out of their mainhand then put it back in their mainhand. (In the middle of a fight this sucks but so does my follower just sitting there).

Another thing we found sometimes fixes it is having it stand guard then have it follow again. This doesn’t work in dungeons though cause you can’t make them stand guard in a dungeon.

What we have started to do which is annoying but seems to fix it is max attack range with max chase range. This also makes me think that when it’s not on these settings it turns into horse AI. Which in turn leads to me swearing a lot because now my thrall is just a hard object that I can roll into and take a hit when fighting. (Just like my horse :angry: )

As for the weapons I believe the longer ranged 2 handed weapons are superior because the AI is flawed. Watching my follower jump and down with 1 power attack with a 1h axe then sitting there thinking for 10 seconds gets old real quick.

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I think the new issues with the thralls sheathing weapons over and over and moving to attack then stopping and returning have something to do with pathing AI. For some reason it thinks it cannot get close enough to the enemy and does the end combat sequence, even if they are right next to the enemy.

I have moved the enemies to another spot and rotated around them and eventually the thrall will start attacking like normal. So, like I said above, it feels like a pathing issue.

Hey all,

Thanks for all the feedback, we’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.


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