Thralls are broken, they don't keep attacking, keep moving backwards and not doing anything

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Oceania

I’m an alpha of Oceania PvP official server.

I could kill any boss within a few minutes.

But ever since latest patch (adding acid arrows and warmaker), my melee thralls behave so stupid.

They dont do anything. They attack once in a while, then move far away from boss, come close then get away, not doing anything, just watching me fight.

This is really ■■■■■■ me off because my killing time of bosses became 4x longer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one because all my clan members have exact same issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just make your thrall to follow and attack bosses.
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Same problem. I try give them differens wp. Same. Problem

yeah crom sword, adventurer sword, lifeblood spear, mordulun whatsoever

Thralls dont wanna attack!! I tried Spinas, Daikas, Eri, basically all named thralls from volcano but all thralls act stupid.

theres several threads about this, maybe pin the workarounds?
remove/replace helmet
unequip all armor, take all inventory including hands, then place spawned weapon type in first inventory slot, shield/arrow/orb in second slot, re equip armor.

test on regular enemies on way to bosses.

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All of our tests point to not using the Sword of Crom. Every other weapon seems to be fine.

I have tested multiple thralls with with multiple weapons.

Hello @Hidekii, thank you for your submission!

Our team is aware that Thralls are not behaving as expected, and this issue is currently being investigated. We’ll address it as soon as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.

@ speedice: well, sword of crom is made to use. if other weapons work fine, that still means it is bugged.

Also, i tried spears but they dont work properly. Moreover, you mentioned thralls attacking slower.

That is not supposed to happen. Some of my new recruits dont even have crom sword but they have same issue. so what you’re saying is wrong

Thank you Hugo.

Please look into this and fix it ASAP.

this is really awful at the moment

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Regarding the Sword of Crom specifically, it was confirmed that it received a stealth nerf, so beware if you’re depending on a thrall that is using it!

OK, Fair enough. My tests were wrong.

What did your tests show?

Crom was unusable and other weapons did better actually. but they are little bit broken…still

Soooo…exactly what I said then?

Alright. Next time, think before you post.

Thralls need a complete overhault. Their behavior in general is not only completely stupid, unreliable and unpredictable,
they very often get in your way to the point it gets you killed. Cant count the times they blocked my escape route backwards. Angry mob starts attacking and you want to roll backwards to get out of the way? Nope, Thrall is standing right behind you breathing in your neck. You roll aside close to a wall? Thrall steps right next to you trapping you in a corner.
Or the infamous thralls not doing anything. Or the thralls that are overcomitting. they start attacking everything that moves for no reason.
But my very best moments with thralls are those when you get jumped in sepameru from bandits and the thalls thinks: Hey i run to the other side of the city and kill an archer there that is not even inolved in the conflict. You can handle the 5 hammer and greatsword users right? See ya!

Hi, there is one more problem with thrals, the boss can deal a blow that takes half of his life points, I lost named warrior yesterday, he was killed in this way by an ordinary slaved monkey, one hit takes about 3500hp.

I will just add my 2 cents here regarding thralls. After last 2 updates the issue when your follower is not attacking at all after changing his weapon to a truncheon is pretty much happening 100% of cases now. I had that issue before, but very randomly.

Hard to knock out a NPC that you want if they are charging at you with bunch of other well-armed and equipped NPCs and your follower does nothing, not even tanking. Can’t attack or block with shield as with 4-5 enemies I just get constant stagger and these star metal weapons they’re wielding do pack some punch.

As soon as I give my guy his old weapon back, he is more than happy to slaughter anything in sight.

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